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The Pros And Cons Associated With Shag Rugs
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Shag Rugs have been wildly popular within the home décor industry since the early 1970s when they first were all the rage; and although there have been ebbs and flows with shaggy rug popularity, it’s safe to say that shag rugs are back in style today! A lot of rug shoppers today are interested in purchasing shag rugs because of how uniquely aesthetic they are, but it’s of course really important for all rug shoppers to thoroughly go through this type of rug option to better ensure that it’s the right for them and their interior design. We’re very lucky to have teamed up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to support us in developing this list of pros and cons of shag rugs, so take it from the experts in that these are the benefits and drawbacks of shag rugs that you should be aware of! The Pros Of Shag Rugs Although it may seem like the benefits of purchasing a shag rug are endless, we’ve made sure to narrow down some of the top pros that you should know about. When it comes to boosting the aesthetics of any given room within your home or office, there’s no doubt about it that a shag rug can do wonders in terms of transforming any space into a cozier, more relaxed ambience. The following are some of the perks that you should keep in mind prior to investing in your next shag rug: • Shag rugs provide an eclectic style: Just about every homeowner will say that their home is “eclectic”, but of course this terms is somewhat hard to judge when it comes to home décor. But you can be ultimately rest assured that when you place a shag rug within your living or bedroom that this new funky aesthetic will bring a whole new style dimension to a space that otherwise didn’t bring that level of décor! There truly is no other type of area rug that even comes close to shag rugs when it comes to visual appeal! • Shag Rugs Are VERY Comfortable: A lot of rug shoppers consider shag rugs solely due to how cozy and comfortable they are to the touch, and there’s nothing quite like walking barefoot on a shag rug as you start your day. Shag rugs tend to be really great options for families that like to play around on the floor, and these rugs are great when it comes to adding some extra sitting spaces during gatherings and parties. • They Don’t Have Unsightly Seams: Like we mentioned above, there’s a lot of visual appeal that coincides with shag rugs. These rugs also provide a lot of character and ambience to any given room within a home or office. AND another great feature of shag rugs is that you won’t have to worry about any ugly seams/threads being present within the area rug, which creates a better look for you and your guests upon entering the room. The Cons Of Shag Rugs Of course there are plenty of benefits associated with shag rugs, but just like any product there are some drawbacks that rug shoppers should know about prior to jumping the gun and buying one of these plush area rugs. The following are some of the cons of shag rugs that you should keep in mind: • They Lack Durability: Durability is definitely one of the drawbacks associated with shag rugs, at least as you compare them to other types of area rugs. Shag rugs are all about being plush and comfortable, so they’re not necessarily the best type of rug for your most high-traffic areas of your home. This is mainly because the fabrics of shag rugs are unique and aren’t quite as good at bouncing back as compared to other types of high-quality area rugs. • It’s Possible For Them To Unravel: The seams are invisible within shag rugs, which makes any potential unraveling hard to notice for the regular rug owner. The problem that’s posed here is that a lot of shag rug owners don’t realize they’re dealing with an unraveling problem until it’s too late. That’s why shag rugs will require a little more added upkeep and maintenance as compared to other types of rugs. Reach Out To The Experts To Learn More About Shag Rugs! Shag rugs are a great option for many different home and business owners, but it’s always best to speak with experienced rug specialist while doing this type of décor shopping. So reach out to the experts at Rug Source via the link at the top of the page to learn more about shag rugs and see if this type of area rug is right for you!
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