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 Apple made several advancements to its devices, be it iPhone and iPads. In case you own an iPad or iPad Pro and like to capture or share your epic victories of games, funny moments or conversations that you have accessed from social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, or something else, then you can do the same conveniently. You can capture almost everything you view on your iPad or iPad Pro screens. If that’s the case, this post is for you.

Here is how to capture screenshots on your iPad or iPad Pro using several methods:

Taking Screenshots on Your iPad Pro via Face ID

iPad Pro doesn’t have the specific Home tab, and thus, capturing screenshots on this device needs different sets of buttons.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to capture screenshots on your iPad Pro using Face ID:

  • First of all, go to the screen you want to take the screenshot of.
  • Now, set up the screen view in the proper way you want to snapshot it.
  • After that, tap the Wake/Sleep tab located at the upper portion of your screen. Simultaneously, hit the Volume Up tab located on the right-hand side of your iPad Pro.
  • Once you have tapped both the buttons, your screen will flash white in color, and at the same time, you will be able to hear a camera shutter sound that will come from your device.

Note: The sound will only come if your device’s notification sound is turned on.

Taking Screenshots using Apple Pencil

Apple has provided many interesting features and abilities to its Apple Pencil too. You can easily use your Apple Pencil to capture your desired screenshots. It will also help you convert the entire web page into PDFs conveniently customized using Instant Markup tools.

If you want to capture a screenshot using your Apple Pencil, then follow these straightforward steps:

  • First of all, launch the web page or app’s content to capture a screenshot.
  • Then, place the Apple Pencil on the lower-left or lower-right edge of your screen.
  • Now, drag the edge of your screen towards the middle of the page.
  • After a while, you will get the screenshot of your desired web content or app’s page. In this process, no tab is needed.

Note: If you want to share your screenshots directly using the Instant Markup interface, you are welcome. In this process, you need to hit the Share tab and then select the service you want.

Searching for the Screenshots on Your iPad or iPad Pro

In case you have skipped the Instant Markup tool, you can still get your captured screencast, and easily make modifications, share and annotate them at any time you want. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, open the Photos app on your Home screen.
  • Hit the Albums button.
  • Press the option Screenshots.
  • You can also search for your screenshots by navigating the Camera albums and image gallery, but you need to scroll each and everything entirely in this process.

Editing Screenshots Using Instant Markup Interface

An instant Markup is a tool that will help you to make editing, highlight, or annotate your screenshot once you have successfully captured your desired screenshot. In Instant Markup, you will get several tools like pencil, eraser, marker, and Magic Rope.

  • You can crop your screenshot too in Instant Markup along with changing the colors of writing tools.
  • In case you want to add several other tools to your screenshots, then you can do so by tapping the “More” icon located at the lower right edge of your screen. The tools you can add a Signature, blank text field, shapes, magnifier.

As you know how to capture and find the desired screenshot on your iPad and iPad Pro, use any of the two methods: Face ID or Apple Pencil and follow the necessary buttons. If you want to find your screenshot, enter the Instant Markup interface or go to the Screenshot section in the Photos app. 

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