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Camel Trekking activities in Morocco
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Morocco is been a mainstream destination for families looking for something more interesting and exotic. The colors of Marrakech’s ancient medina, the vast, inhospitable beaches of Atlantic coast, the high-altitude thrills of the Atlas Mountains, or the shifting sands of the Sahara, there is something extraordinary for all ages, from little kids to grandparents. Southern Morocco is the gateway to the Sahara, where you can get pleasure from camping out under the twinkling stars, sand surfing and riding camels. This is ideal for families with slightly older children.

The Camel Trekking activities in Morocco are delivered by experienced team of guides who have your safety as their first priority.  Camels are well trained and you are escorted by professional guides with safety priority during Camel Trekking in Morocco. Tour operators offer visitors a variety of attractions and fascinating activities to enjoy. One adventure that visitors can be suggested to look into camel trekking adventure across the deserts and dunes of Morocco. It is such an experience that is exceptional and exciting, and can be a memorable moment for tourists of all ages.

Camel trekking is not only a fun and amusement activity for tourists in Morocco, but is a part of the tradition as the country people use camels as a form of transport for centuries. The most popular camel trekking adventure is a pleasure trip in Morocco near the Sahara Desert. Traveling by camel on the ridge of a dune in the late afternoon with nothing around you but sand, tranquility and open blue sky, must be experienced and cannot be explained. Traveling by camel on the ridge of a dune in the late afternoon with nothing around you but sand, tranquility and open blue sky, must be experienced and cannot be explained.

Deciding the perfect camping area for the journey  in desert and sitting on the dunes studying a breathtaking sunset is one of the most charming experiences and that can  never be  forget. Travelers can look forward to an unsurpassed camel trekking experience under the Clear skies filled with bright stars and the silence of the desert surrounding.

Visitors can go on different day treks ranging from one day adventures to eight days, with the Erg Chebbi dunes forming part of the Sahara Desert experience. These dunes are more accessible than the Erg Chigaga, so the journey depends completely on the visitors’ preferences.

Camel trekking along the coastline is also accessible to visitors. Coastline camel trekking generally takes between five to eight days to complete. Guides are able to share numerous stories of their culture tradition and past history with visitors, and also provide valuable information regarding the camels. Travelers can gain an experience and knowledge about camel trekking and history of Morocco. Camel trekking action in Morocco travel must be explored by all visitors to the country during any kind of adventure or day excursion.

Traveling distance can be tiring so plan in view of that as it is a journey in the dunes. Morocco Travel can be a beautiful journey full of some of the amazing natural wonders and real superb Moroccan people. Since you are traveling such a long distance and journey, enjoy it fully. During the day you can ride camels, go sandboarding, play table games, surfing on the sand relax at the areas and can capture the unforgettable scenery and much more.

Your-Morocco-Tour is one of the premier Morocco’s travel and tour operators. At Your-Morocco-Tour we plan your dream trip& excursions that can take you beyond the destination to present you truly unique and exclusive experiences in Camel Trekking. We have access to all hidden corners of the Morocco country that we can please to share with our customers. Our expert guides and trip leaders are highly accomplished professionals, who know their regions like the back of their hands and are the key to the success of every one of our trips in Morocco. Call us on our number for a best plan and successful Morocco travel.

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