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What's Curvaceous?
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I've been called 'curvaceous' but I'm not sure how to take that.
Is it a compliment to be worn proudly, or does it mean I should pull out the old running shoes and find my membership card to the gym?  I gotta wonder what men think when they see the famous paintings of nudes by the impressionists like Rubens or Botticelli.  I guess full figured women were really the rage then. (gee, if that's the case I probably would of been Miss March in their calendar pinups!) I could just hear 'em now...'hey Sandro, get a load of the rolls on this one!"  It was supposed to be a sign of wealth and stature. Well, if one is voluptuous as in 'fatter-than-the-baby-Jesus' voluptuous,  I think I was born in the wrong century. I guess it doesn't really matter how much a person weighs, because 170 lbs. on one person may look totally different on someone else. I think it's downright intimidating to go to an amusement park and have a 'carnie' say 'I'll guess your weight for a dollar". (When the guy got it right, I wanted my money back!) Women shouldn't worry so much about weight,  but whether ya say that or not it's probably always in the backs of our minds. We need to learn to be happy with who we are, not how much we weigh or how tall or short we are. Still, I don't know where the term curvaceous came from but I'd venture to say it's Latin for: "you've had enough PIE".

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