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Navadurga Singing Bowls: The Sound of Healing
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Have you ever walked along a lane and heard the soft, tinkling sway of a wind chime? The soothing sounds have a calming effect all their own. Now you can have this same experience WITH an added benefit.  Navadurga singing bowls offer the rich, soothing sounds needed to quiet and calm the inner soul. As a bonus, these bowls help boost the natural healing properties which have promising effects on the physical body for optimum health and well-being. Just as our nervous systems react negatively to the offensive sounds of traffic and honking horns, the same can be ‘reset’ with the positive tones of Navadurga singing bowls.   

From the pain of headaches to the frustrations of insomnia, these bowls reach deep below the surface of the body to penetrate the cells, tissues and organs. Stress melts away as the brain and nervous systems regain that which is lost in the chaos of our hectic, day-to-day lives.  A healthy alternative to modern medicine, Navadurga singing bowls can redirect and unlock the natural healing process that our bodies crave.  

In illness, too many in modern society rely on expensive pills or medications that can bring a host of unwanted and dangerous side effects.  A one-time purchase of our bowls is a treasured investment to be used over and over again.  Simply brush the soft mallet along the edge of the bowls or tap gently to release the sounds. Each bowl, when filled with water has a distinctive pitch which permeates the air and releases their healing properties; balancing the chakras and creating a sense of balance throughout.

It is well known that music has a vital impact on the spiritual as well as mental structures of humans and animals alike. Now you can embrace the concept and recapture the ancient art of this beneficial “vibration therapy” with Navadurga's beautiful and sturdy tempered bowls.


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  .   armel_t
nice article
  .   tmhedlund
A well written article. Great description and information in only four paragraphs. Now I want to hear the sounds they make.
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