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Late Again
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Get this - I wake up to the calm daybreak, the warmth of my heater and my cat meowing into my face. Whoa! That shouldn't be. Why is it so light out at 3 a.m.? Darn it! My alarm didn't go off. I'm late again!  I spring out of bed and hurl the covers off as my poor cat goes flying into the wall. I'm so discombobulated! What day is it? I don't know where the door is. I'm in the closet trying to find the doorknob. I'm in such a panic! Okay. What day is it ? I ask myself again. I run in to take my shower but I don't have time. I'll just pull my hair back, wash the top and rinse my face. I brush my teeth rapidly, slopping toothpaste all over the mirror as the cap goes flying off into the toilet. I throw on some clothes. Nope. I can't stop to look for socks. I'll just carry my shoes out with me. Dammit! It snowed! Welp. I don't have time to warm the car  up so I skate in my bare feet, open the door, start the car and back out of the driveway purely by faith. I can't see a thing. Man are my feet cold! I spray my windshield with wiper fluid - after all, it's sort of an antifreeze isn't it? Now the ice is just blurry. My windshield wipers are stuck to the window so all I can hear is the motor trying to free them. I figure I'll drive really fast to make the antifreeze dry. As I slide down to the end of the street, I can just start to see out of the tiny circle my heater has created on my windshield. My frozen hair 'cracks' as I turn my head to open my window. That's the way I remove the snow when I don't have time. I just unroll it, then roll it back up before the snow forms a big heap at the bottom and falls back into the car. 

Whew! I made it! I'm finally at work. I get out of the car, put my shoes on (one black, one brown) and stumble up to the door. There's nobody here but the cleaning woman, who informs me it's Sunday. 

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