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It’s nothing new to you though
to roll down your car window
and fling your bag of trash into the street

If the music's not your style
you just toss it in the pile
don't bother asking others what they think

If it’s not a show you care to see
you’re suddenly bored and wanna leave
so you go down to the basement for a smoke

And when the party’s winding down
you wanna get more beer in town
(but you need to bum some cash because you're broke)

Never mind if hosts are tired
Hey! YOU’RE wide awake! 
You’re wired!
you'll just "hang out watchin' TV for awhile" 

Even though they're up at four 
you don’t have a job no more 
so what do YOU care if they're all tired?

With no regard for anyone
you say you're only 'havin' fun"
you sit carvin' up their table with your knife. 

Just what entitles you
To be this person that's so rude
and takes advantage of the rest of us in life?  

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