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What a joy to have my four out of five grandchildren here. It's been wonderful being the DB (designated babysitter). So far we’ve played ‘let’s take everything out of the cupboards’, ‘DVD pull down’ and ‘give me that - that’s mine!’ I did decide to pick up all of the toys and, of course, the moment I did they came over and started pulling everything out again. One grandson has taken the remote and put it in the dishwasher. The other has taken my cell phone and dropped it in the toilet. Oh how adorable! I guess they don't want me talking on the phone or watching television. The next thing they did to entertain themselves was to lie on the ground and flip the springy doorstop over and over AND OVER again! Remember doing that as a kid?  I tried distracting them by building a house out of blocks which they promptly knocked down. Coloring didn’t go too well either. If one crayon wasn’t up someone’s nose, it was stuck between their three teeth, half eaten!

     I decided to try reading to them. I wanted to cut the evening short to make them sleepy and call it quits so I read the famous story, only it went more like this: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in the woods. One day she came upon a bear’s house and went in even though she wasn’t supposed to. She sat in their chair, ate their food and fell asleep in their bed. When they came home they made her leave. The end.

Hey,  they bought it! They’re all asleep!



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