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Danny Boy
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You'll create your wealth on your own terms
As you take off for Peru
You swear that's an easier way to learn
I guess if anyone knows, it's you

You keep me in awe of your anarchy
and your non-conformist ways
You say ya gotta get out for your sanity
You'll be showin' us all up some day

'Cause you can't be schooled with a text book
Nah, ya gotta be out in the crowd
Livin' it, smokin' it, drinkin' it in
And I'm sure you're gonna make it somehow

I got every faith in ya, Danny
You don't have to go prove it to me
I'll get off your back
to make room for your pack
'Cause there's a whole lotta world to see

Hittin' the road with 'Hippie' 
gonna hitchhike - no need for a car
And you'll scrounge your meals
and make some fast cash
by singin' and playin' guitar

I wish you the best in your travels 
You can't wait to set off on your own
But if everything starts to unravel
You'll always have a place in my home.
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