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My close friend, Malcolm, retired and moved to Cambodia.  (I know, I know!  Cambodia!)  He has decided to fulfill his “bucket list” while he is physically able.  He has already taken up scuba diving,  hiking, marathon bike riding and Olympian frugalness.


This started me thinking.  I want a bucket list.  But what have I not done that I want to do before I die?  The only thing that comes to mind immediately is to shop for a wedding gown.  I am hatching a plan.  First I need to go on line and research gowns.  What future bride doesn't do this when she’s in her 20’s or 30’s? (The “normal” getting married ages.) I clearly missed out because a) I never married and b) nobody, except a man incapable of getting an erection, has ever asked me.  After I select a few styles for this old body with extra arm flesh, sagging breasts and a large spare tire around my middle, I will have to imagine a venue and a groom.  That will be the easy part I think.  I have asked several friends to join me at Kleinfelds, an iconic bridal pavilion.


More will be revealed!



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