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What Type Of Fabric Is Good For Your Lingerie?
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There is a wide spectrum of materials for designing lingerie. Here is a discussion of different fabrics both in woven and knit varieties used in the making of Sloggi maxi briefs.

Knit lingerie

Materials are knit by embroidery machines that create interlocked thread loops which facilitate stretching of an undergarment. Apart from the jersey underwear, there are other designs that differ in finishing, stretching, and weight. The common knit fabrics used in lingerie sewing are as follows:

  1. Single jersey

Jersey has a broad spectrum of fibers such as cotton, rayon, polyester, bamboo, and so on. It is perfect for sleepwear, underwear, and baby dolls. Its stretch quality is superior which is an important feature for underwear. It can be made into a combination of materials in order to give better support and durable undergarments.

  1. Nylon satin knit

These are lighter fabrics used in the manufacture of Sloggi basic maxi. They are also used in the creation of costumes for special events. Mesh designs of nylon satin knits are sexy and may also be applied to interfaces. The advantage of mesh fabric is breathability which is an essential characteristic of an undergarment.

  1. Lace

Lace lingerie can be bought as fabric or trim. The lace design comes in different textures, designs, and weights. Some can feel stretchy and to add support, the stretch lace is lined with other materials. The stretch lace is great for the larger parts of an undergarment while the non-stretch trims are good additions that provide details while revealing some skin.

  1. Stretch velvet

This is an exciting addition to a lingerie closet. Because of the pile, stretch velvet increases the bulk and so it is more appropriate for beach undergarments with minimal seams.

Woven lingerie

Weaves give the non-stretch option when sewing. They are designed on a loom in which yarns run crosswise and lengthwise. That’s why woven lingerie does not stretch unless it’s made of stretchy yarns. The various options include:

  1. Georgette and chiffon

These are sheer fabrics which are delicate, flowy, and very light but chiffon is lighter and possesses an ethereal essence. Various chiffon layers may be designed in different hues in the same Sloggi maxi briefs. Georgette, on the other side, is almost alike but its opacity and texture are intense. The basic component in these fabrics is silk or polyester in some instances.

  1. Satin

This is a special weave with a glossy sheen. There are different types of satin lingerie depending on the type of fiber used in their making.

  1. Organza

The magical organza is silky in nature, lightweight, sheer, rigid, and sturdy. It doesn’t stick to the body and it tends to add volume. It is the perfect choice when you don’t need any stretch or bulkiness.  

  1. Crepe de Chine

Like other types of silk, the crepe is flowy but its sheen is a bit dull and highly textured. It makes luxurious panties, briefs, and loungewear. Unlike satin, crepe does not show every single bump or lump on one’s body.

The next time you are looking for Sloggi basic maxi, consider the weight, feel, stretch, and the appearance of the fabric. Choose the fabric that feels just right for you.

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