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What Material to Choose for Your Winter Shoes.
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Autumn pleases us with the last days and already reminds us of the upcoming winter cold. Winter frosts can come unexpectedly, and therefore it is worth getting ready for them right now. The same can be said about winter footwear. To prevent snow and ice from catching you unaware, it's good to think about purchasing winter shoes today.

The footwear market offers us a lot of winter boots of every design and color. However, not always your choice can be successful. Very often people catch colds and viral diseases because of wrong winter shoes. To ensure that your feet are always warm and dry, you should choose a reliable and warm winter footwear, like, for example Sorel boots or Geox boots.

Any fashionista knows that you need to keep up with fashion at any time of the year. However, listen to your logic and think what is more important to you - health or the fashion trends. Warm waterproof boots can also be beautiful and emphasize your style. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the quality of winter footwear.

So, first of all, let's look at the material which winter shoes are made from.

Natural leather

Of course, there can be no better material than leather. This material is ideal for winter slush and frost. Leather ideally takes the shape of a leg, so in leather shoes your feet, above all, be comfortable and warm. Being a natural material, leather practically does not absorb moisture, so you can be sure that your feet will not get wet. A very important advantage is that leather is excellent in keeping heat.

With all the above advantages, leather shoes will not only protect your feet from moisture, but also serve you for several seasons.

The cost of winter footwear made of genuine leather can be quite high, however, once you pay, you will give your feet comfort and warmth for several seasons.

Natural suede

Natural suede is an excellent material for making shoes, including winter footwear. Externally very attractive, pleasant to touch, it makes any model of shoes more refined and light. Compared to leather, suede is not so practical in wear. In wet weather, there may be traces of salt or dirt on it. However, suede shoes can also be warm and comfortable enough.

Today, manufacturers of footwear products offer special protective equipment for suede boots - protection from moisture, stains cleaner, tinting sprays and many others. With these tools, you can easily take care of your suede shoes and keep them in good condition.


Winter shoes should have a warm lining and fur. Therefore, do not listen to the seller who convincingly tells us that modern artificial fur is not worse than natural fur. Natural fur will allow your feet to "breathe" and protect you from cold spells, while artificial fur will soon cause increased sweating on your legs. In short, natural fur has an undeniable advantage over artificial fur.

Today, many manufacturers use the technology of "combined fur". In this case, the fur on the bootleg is artificial, and on the foot - natural. Such techniques have their advantages, however for cold weather it is better to have high boots made of natural fur along the entire height of the boot.

If you drop by Sorel shoe store, you will be able to choose the model you like made of natural materials and beautiful in design.


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North York, ON, M3J 3N2, Canada,
(416) 514-1779

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