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We return another Sunday with a special of our Fitness in the network, from tips to start doing Crossfit to why the world of organic farming has so much hype.

Many times we go out to eat or to dinner out and we do not know what to choose to be healthy and to not break our healthy routine, in this article from soycomocomo.es telling us what we can choose when we eat or dine outside the home.

Lately, and for a few years, sold us some products with certain properties which claim to be special and that improve our health greatly, this time from blog, explains us what are probiotics and what relationship have on our cardiovascular health.

We live in a society that constantly seeks us to manipulate with backward, sexist or simply outdated, ideas, some of them that can be harmful to our health. Marcos, of fitnessrevolucionario.com tells us how the fitness industry is against women.

Eat Tupper always is possible, but as sure that many of you are vegetarians or vegans and do not know how rethink you your meals, that Lucia tells us in his blog dimequecomes.com different ideas for cooking and delivering on our topper during the week, being vegetarian.

Lettuce is a rather interesting food that provides us with multiple nutrients, however, there are many types of lettuce and some of them speak to us at 6thmanblog.Com

Many times we are looking for a magic pill to get eliminate those Kg more, but on the blog of the nutritionist at the general tell us what negative effects can have this kind of slimming products.Truth About Cellulite Scam

And finally, on the blog of corer fitness explain the benefits that bring the stairs front to use the lift.

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