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How to Manage Your WordPress Gallery With NextGEN
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Like any other WordPress service, NextGEN has engaged the crowd. The gallery plug-in was suitable with the free templates and have been the choice of many. It was launched in 2007 and till date, there are close to 1.5 million downloads every year. It is a simple platform yet the clarity and power make all the image professionals and photographer opt for it. 
Since it is not just a free templates, free gallery platform it is preferred over and above the others. There is a whole management system that supports the functioning of the website and help in creating a mark. There is a whole range of things that can be managed with this platform. This includes editing, adding, deleting and managing the whole appearance. The free version allows two major displays and the users also have an option of buying the PRO plug-in that has various sophisticated features.

No matter which free templates or which version of the NextGEN the users opt for. The effect is made and the audience is attracted only to the right kind of projection. It is important to manage the whole set in such a way that page looks attractive to the users and the right images are highlighted. This will require some effort and the right knowledge of managing the content. 

How to start?
Start with the dashboard and look for gallery option. This is likely to be placed on the left bottom of the page. Search properly as a different version of WP have different placing for the same. It is not very difficult to locate though and in all new versions, it is on the left bottom as stated. There are many items on the menu that all qualify for managing the WordPress Gallery for NextGEN. We will explore how to use a few of them which are most effective in building the right image. 

Add New gallery:-  To start let's pick this one from the drop-down menu. After creating the gallery name it with a suitable title expressing the content. Make sure that the free templates and the plug-in are supported by the browser you are using. The image size should ideally be 72dpi and less than 1000px in width.  Multiple images can be selected at once with the control button and uploaded in a single go. Click on the upload option so that all these images go up in no time. 

Delete: - This is simple and the option of deleting a photo is on the right side. This link once clicked will remove the photo from the gallery for good. 

Title: - When any photo is uploaded inside the file, the name of the file becomes the default name of the photo. The free templates and management of Gallery allow the users to change the name of the photo. The ALT & Title text selection filed allows adding a name to a particular photo. 

Watermarking:- Watermarking the photos allows the name of the owner to be mentioned in the photo. It avoids misuse of the pictures uploaded. The watermarking can be done by clicking on the box next to the photos in the galley. Select set watermark and click on the Ok and Apply button for the watermark to appear on the photos. 

Deleting the whole gallery:- When the whole gallery needs to be deleted then the link- Manage gallery comes work. The manage gallery link will display the various different galleries created. There is a link at the end which stated delete. Click on this link to delete the entire gallery section. It is advised that one carefully select this link as various different galleries are displayed in the manage section. 

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