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Convert GroupWise mailbox to Outlook PST formats
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The email conversion has become very common process amongst the users for better functionality, services, and user-friendly environment. One such conversion we came across is the GroupWise to Outlook conversion. In this blog, we would be discussing some of the major reason because of which the users export GroupWise mailbox to Outlook PST and some effortless solutions through which the users can easily convert GroupWise to PST file format.

The Novell GroupWise is emailing platform supporting services like emails, calendaring, information management, instant messaging and management of documents. Novell GroupWise is among useful email platform with beneficial features such as compatibility with Mac, and Linux, access to it users from anywhere through its webmail if the users have Internet connectivity but due to its compact environment, high maintenance cost and requirement of technical expertise user find difficulty in operating it. On the other hand, Microsoft outlook provides most of the GroupWise features along with additional features such as multiple accounts usage, maintaining the contact list, emailing facility and better security features with nontechnical expertise. The Microsoft outlook is proficient email platform with user-friendly access that enables user with offline working facility and when the online connectivity is available the user can synchronize their data automatically. The Outlook is amongst a popular email client which is used by the individual, organization, and industry which make outlook quite demanding email client.

The overpowering demand of outlook and its remarkable services with enhanced security tools has made the users export GroupWise mailbox to Outlook PST file format. Some of the more reason due to which the users are converting GroupWise to Outlook PST is mentioned below:-

  • The GroupWise is easier for those users which have previously worked on it but it get difficultly for those users which haven’t work on them. Therefore user choose an email client who is easy to use in this case MS outlook.
  • GroupWise has a compact environment therefore it get difficult for the users to configure them with any other computer or utility.
  • The installation and maintenance cost of GroupWise is one of the most primary reason because of which the user export GroupWise to Outlook PST format.   

How to Convert GroupWise to Outlook PST file format?

Before explaining about the conversion method of GroupWise to Outlook method in details the users must aware of this fact that the manual method for exporting GroupWise to Outlook is very costly and also need technical guidance for the conversion. Therefore we suggest user to opt for alternative solution which perform better and provide desired outcome.

Several methods have been introduced for the export of GroupWise to Outlook PST file format but to choose the best software solution amongst the software is must for the users. Before moving any further let us discuss the method to convert GroupWise to PST file formats. With these easy and effortless steps the users can export GroupWise to Outlook. Now Download a free trial version of Shoviv Groupwise to Outlook Converter software and know step by step process.

Step 1: Installation of the software:

  • The users are advices to Installation the software product into Users system and start the program.

Step 2: Exporting GroupWise to Outlook PST files:

  • After the program is launched go to the add button and select the GroupWise mailbox file to export to PST and fill-up all the necessary information in criteria mentioned in the pop-up table.

Step3: Saving the exported PST files:

  • After the necessary information has been selected to export the GroupWise file to Outlook PST and Wait till the process is completed. The user can save the exported PST file and finish the program.

Since the manual method does not provide satisfactory results and is costly, therefore, users opt for alternative methods for exporting GroupWise to Outlook PST files. The alternative solution does not take much time like the manual methods do and do not require any technical expertise just like the manual methods do.

Hence, we recommend our user to go for alternative GroupWise to Outlook software solution as they are swift, rapid and do not consume much of user time. They come with enhanced features which maintain the data originality and provide satisfactory results with guaranteed results.

Source: https://www.shoviv.com/groupwise-to-outlook.html

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  .   kenneth.ostexpert
You can try Stellar Converter for GroupWise. The could save the converted emails into 'PST', 'EML', 'MSG', 'RTF', 'PDF', and 'HTML' formats. The features and GUI of the tool are very advanced can convert the GroupWise mailbox in Online, Remote, Cache, and Archive Models to Outlook PST.
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