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11 Materials That Make The Best Full Sheet Sets
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Bed sheets normally consist of a fitted and flat sheet. Fitted sheets are stretchy in their edges so as to cover the mattress well and prevent slipping. Flat sheets are used in between a person and the blanket so as to keep the blankets or duvets clean. Bet sheets can be bought in a number of ways: individually, in a set of pillowcases, or in a set of fitted and flat sheets. Full sheet sets are preferred for their convenience and affordability. These are the materials to be considered when buying bed sheet sets.

1. Cotton Blend
These are materials that are a mixture of synthetic and cotton giving the merits of synthetic and natural fibers. Synthetic materials are durable wrinkle-resistant, and affordable while cotton offers comfort and breathability.

2. Percale
Percale bed sheets have a compact and tight weave that makes them soft and luxurious. They are made of fabric blends like silk, polyester, cotton or a blend of these materials. If you want percale sheets that don’t wrinkle easily, choose a blend of cotton and synthetic materials.

3. Jersey Knit
Unlike the woven sheets, these are knitted sheets made of either pure cotton or a blend of cotton. The nature of the knit makes them soft and elastic naturally. They are quite warm and good for winter seasons. Thread counts do not apply in knit fabric hence it is the weight per square yard that matters.

4. Rayon
The material is manufactured of chemicals derived from bamboo. The sheets are good at regulating temperature hence are conducive for any season. Rayon sheets are absorbent by nature giving a dry and cool sleeping condition.

5. Satin
Satin is a type of weave and can be made of acetate, cotton, polyester, wool, and blends. They are luxurious, cool, glossy, and smooth.

6. Flannel
This is a blend of cotton fabrics and its quality is measured in ounces per square yard rather than thread counts. For good quality, 4 ounces per yard square are ideal. Their smooth, refined feel makes them famous for giving warmth when it is cold.

7. Egyptian Cotton
This material is considered one of the most luxurious and exquisite. It has long fibers that count for its strength and luster. In addition, they are breathable and smooth. The thread count is over 200 hence the soft quality of the cotton sheet set.

8. Microfiber
It is a synthetic material that is made of highly refined, thin, and strong fibers. Their unique softness allows the retaining of body warmth during sleep on cold nights. They are woven tightly hence stain-resistant quality that maintains their appearance for long.  

9. Linen
These are ideal materials for summer nights. They are well breathable and porous thus giving sleep comfort. During humid or hot seasons, linen sheets absorb moist or sweat and provides good aeration. Their thread count is low as compared to other materials.

10. Polyester
This is an artificial material commonly used for bed sheets. Polyester sheets are long-lasting and stain-resistant hence maintain their look for long. They are highly washable, do not wrinkle or shrink easily. Polyester sheets are relatively affordable as compared to others like cotton but a cotton-polyester blend is more advantageous.

11. Sateen
This is a blend of cotton and natural fabrics. They have a special weave that involves 4 threads above a single one, giving the sheets a unique luster almost similar to satin. The fibers are strengthened to reduce allergic reactions and build -up of mildew.

Bedding set influences the appearance and feel of the entire bedroom and sleep comfort. Different bed sheet materials feel different and offer variant benefits. Full size cotton sheet sets are very warm and are ideal for winter nights while some sheets like silk are cool and lightweight, and ideal for summer.  This is all you want to know before buying a particular sheet set.


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