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Vegan Leather or Real Leather - The Difference That You Must Know Before You Buy One
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People are turning into animal supporters after various incidents that happened because of us using animal products. This is why the concept of ‘vegan’ had started to gain popularity where almost all animal lovers stop using products that contain animal skin or that are extracted from animals, even dairy products.

A few instances like the Amazon rainforest burnt where leather was allegedly the main culprit, as a report showed that 80 percent of deforestation in the country was linked to cattle grazing. The leather market is indeed one of the largest markets in the fashion industry but vegan leather is now giving competition to these. 

Where to buy vegan leather handbags?

If you already know the difference between the two, you will probably shift to vegan leather sooner or later. However, the question is that who is a genuine seller of such products. Most of your handbags are made of leather but you don’t have to worry as Marsi Bond manufactures and imports the best designs of handbags that will make you forget about real leather. 

They sell stylish and durable vegan leather bags and you can also buy them online by visiting their website. The bonus point is that they don’t charge a shipping fee on your orders and all you have to do is to fill your cart with different styles and buy them. To explore more styles of handbags made of vegan leather visit: https://www.marsibond.com/

Vegan Leather Vs Real Leather:

It is always been a war between faux leather and real leather and people have their own opinions on why either of them is the best. Here are a few things that can help you choose your type of leather:

Environmentally friendly:

Vegan leather is more environmentally friendly because the plastic alternatives used in this leather are often made from fossil fuels. Around 18% of the world’s global carbon emission is due to the leather industry. They are of two types the PU and the PVC. In both, some chemicals are used to fill up a mould and cooled to give it the shape of the handbags. 


When we talk about durability, fake leather or vegan leather does not last as long as the real leather. This is because real leather is there in the market for a long period where fake leather just gained popularity. We might need to wait for more innovations.


Real leather can be a fashion statement as it can last longer than any other type of material used to make handbags. It is also biodegradable. It is even better if we take vegetable-tanned options as a by-product of meat as animal leather contributes to carbon emissions.

Vegan leather is made with synthetic fibers, but they are also the source of micro pollution in the ocean as the most common alternative for leather is a petroleum-based plastic. There is also non-petroleum-based vegan leather where mushrooms and kombucha cutlers are used as alternatives to the synthetic fibers. 

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