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Kayaking for Two
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Kayaking is one of the many activities people do for recreation. For starters, a kayak is a type of canoe made from light material with an opening made to fit a person or two. Kayaking is flexible to your recreational style, whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping, extreme water kayaking or the easy and relaxing paddle around the lake type. Kayaking is relatively easy to learn for beginners. Here are some few quick and essential tips in learning how to kayak.

Choose a Good Quality Kayak

Before learning how to actually kayak, choosing a good quality kayak is essential. There are many types of kayaks made from different types of material available on the market. There are sit-on-top kayaks, and there are sit-in kayaks. Sit-on-top kayaks are more preferable over sit-in kayaks for starters as they are easier to get back on to in case the kayak capsizes. There are kayaks that accommodate only one person, and there some that can accommodate two people. For beginners, the better option is to go for tandem kayaks so you can be supervised by an experienced kayaker and take lessons. It is also advisable to invest in a kayak that is not heavy to carry in and out of the water. With these in mind, kayaks like the Intex Explorer K2 might be the best lightweight tandem kayak. Inflatable kayaks are made from durable materials such as vinyl and can only weigh as much as 34 lbs.

Choose an Appropriate Location to Kayak

Look for a location that is appropriate for your skill level. For beginners and even for experienced kayakers, it is advisable to look for areas that can easily be accessed for getting in and out of the kayak, places that are protected from hard blowing winds and waves, and areas with almost no big boats and other motorized vehicles. Ideal locations include lakes and calm bays.

Wear the Proper Gear

Dress for the condition. When kayaking, you must always be prepared for getting submerged into the water in case your vehicle capsizes. Wearing a wetsuit over your regular outdoor clothes is always preferable. Also, always bring extra change of clothes.

Keep Safety in Line

Never go kayaking alone. It is always better to go with a group or with someone more experienced when kayaking. Kayaking is a relatively safe recreational activity, but you must always be prepared when things go wrong considering activity involves being exposed to big bodies of water. Regardless of the level of experience, everyone must wear a life vest or a floating aid to avoid drowning.

Using the Kayak

When inside the kayak, maintain a good and straight posture while sitting comfortably. This enables you to use your torso effectively when paddling. Hold the paddle with both hands about shoulder length apart. When making a stroke on the water, make sure the blades don’t go too far from the boat as this will cause it to rotate externally. Don’t just use your arms to paddle. Utilize your torso when making a stroke for a more efficient movement. As you progress you will eventually learn how to do other paddle strokes.

Kayaking is a great recreation and can be mastered by anyone. It is also best done with a friend or an experienced kayaker to ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking. A kayak that is lightweight, durable, and can accommodate another person is the best option recreational activity or for leisure.

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