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Why to Visit Nepal
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Nepalese individuals have had an extreme run recently. The huge April 2015 tremor wrecked or harmed a large number of buildings while thousands lost their lives. In any case, Nepalese are strong – you must be the point at which you live in a land-bolted nation that sits on the joining of structural plates.

With the tourism a noteworthy player in Nepal travel author Fiona Harper went to as of late and found that tourism administrators are laying out the appreciated tangle. Here are great motivations to go to Nepal.


Nepal is a brilliant clutter of pagoda-topped sanctuaries, elaborate religious landmarks, cut wooden Newari (local Kathmandu) design, tumultuous avenues, and great mountains. The nation is home to ten UNESCO World Heritage destinations and is bursting at the creases with social and characteristic marvels. A few landmarks are still under repair, yet their stories of opponent kingdoms, legendary divinities, and otherworldly commitment are unaltered.


Settled in a lavish valley northwest of Kathmandu, Pokhara quiets with lakeside enchant and a barbed, snowcapped Annapurna background. While tranquil, this little city, which experienced little seismic tremor harm, can likewise prime your adrenaline pump. Pro down the world's longest zip line, take a ultralight flight past Himalayan pinnacles, or paraglide in marvelous whirls down to the lake. In the event that you like to stay grounded, hit the trails on a mountain bicycle.


Nepal's northern fringe rub the highest point of the world, with eight of the world's 14 tallest pinnacles. You could wander in stunningness for a considerable length of time in the Everest district or along the Annapurna Circuit, prominent trekking territories that are open after the tremor. Lodging ranges from fundamental teahouses with no power and warmth to swanky guesthouses with comfortable quaint little inns suite washrooms. To get off the beaten track, Trekking in Himalayan Region of Jomsom (north of Pokhara) and investigate the Upper Mustang, a dry mountainous locale that fringes Tibet.


The hot subtropics of southern Nepal support Chitwan National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to 68 types of well evolved creatures, 544 types of feathered creatures, and 556 types of reptiles and creatures of land and water. Highlights include tracking tigers and rhinos through thick wilderness and canoeing languid streams looking for gharials—the world's second biggest crocodiles. You'll see gobs of untamed life and no confirmation of the seismic tremor.


In case you're quick to move up your sleeves, agree to accept an outing that combines benefit work with enterprise. Excursions International's Hands on the Himalayas includes trekking and physical work, such as building houses or painting schools, in the Okhaldhunga District, 75 miles east of Kathmandu. Fabulous Asian Journeys offers four diverse rebuilding itineraries, mixing mountain biking or trekking with humanitarian effort, for example, digging establishments, hauling water, or teaching at a school. Additionally every member must raise $500 for help endeavors.

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