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Why Serviced Apartments are better than Traditional Hotels?
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People across the globe prefer serviced apartments these days rather than any hotel. Staying in a two or three bedroom apartment along with a kitchen would be definitely much more pleasing as well as advantageous. This is the reason why numerous emigrants and other family travelers prefer to stay here instead of those hotels. In fact, serviced apartments are those that have been furnished with a number of facilities like kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. However, all of these apartments can be rented out for both short term and long term basis. The recent trend shows a sharp incline of the demands of this kind of apartments nowadays.

A large portion of the emigrants, as well as other family travelers in Kensington, prefer to avail all the amenities offered by the service like apartments in Kensington. Now, if you’re wondering why people choose this type of apartment then let me explore some of its unique characteristics in the following.

•    The cost effective nature: This type of serviced apartments is definitely a more cost effective alternative than that of hotels. The cost of staying would depend on the duration only. As for suitable instances, if you can book a one-bedroom apartment that can house even two people for the same rent. Furthermore, in a case of hotels you won’t have the facility like cooking by yourself. In serviced apartments, you have this facility thus it would be a cost effective approach as well.

•    More space: Well, it is well comprehended that a serviced apartment would be just incomparable in the case of providing sufficient space for living as well as working with much comfort.

•    A second home like feeling: If you have the intention to stay for a longer period of time and simultaneously you want to enjoy more privacy then serviced apartments are better alternatives than any other options like hotels. All of the equipment that is needed in your day to day affair like a refrigerator, washing machine and television set(s) are available in this kind of apartments. These things are seldom found in a hotel. You would feel just like home since you can also cook your food by yourself here in apartments.

•    All of the offers of hotels: There is a certain section of the society who doesn’t think that serviced apartments that are available in Kensington are devoid of all sorts of amenities offered by some top notch hotels. But modern day apartments even offer business centers, gym and swimming pool etc.

All of the above-mentioned facilities are fair enough to consider this type of apartments ahead of a moderate hotel. One more facility that you would probably enjoy is its locational advantages. All of the serviced apartments of Kensington are located conveniently for you and all.

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