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Why do Indians migrate to Dubai?
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Dubai a very popular destination for Indians tourists. Not only Indians, but travelers from all over the world also come to Dubai because it’s a beautiful city that has all the comforts and infrastructure required to make it a world-class city. Dubai is very neat and clean, its citizens are very law-abiding and to top it all it has so much to see and do. Skydiving, Laguna Water Park, Dubai Creek Cruise, Yachting are some of the activities which all tourists enjoy while in Dubai.

Dubai is a desert and its weather can be extremely hot and humid. The best period when you can plan a trip to Dubai is between November and March. The weather is excellent at that time. Sheikh Zayad road is the best area to stay in Dubai if budget is not a constraint. Deira is another good option if you are looking for a budget accommodation and want to be near Indian eating joints. Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai is one of its kinds as it has been built using land reclamation and from the air, it looks like a palm tree within a circle. It has a few of the most luxurious resorts like Atlantis, The Palm, Jumeirah Zabeel Sarai, and many more. It is home to top celebrities of the world including Shah Rukh Khan

Indians also find Dubai to be the most viable destination if they want to move out of India. From the rich industrialists to the daily wagers, everyone is enamored by shifting base to Dubai. What makes Dubai so attractive that people want to move here permanently?

  1. The first one is the most obvious one. Dubai’s close proximity to India makes it easy to travel to and fro from India. So Indians need not neglect their life and relatives back home.
  2. The second reason is the most important reason why the Indian businessman flocks to Dubai. Here there is no Income tax. In fact, there are no taxes. To save huge amounts in tax, Indians migrate to the UAE.  Dubai is touted as a tax haven for individuals and corporate firms. In fact not only Indians, people from all over the world shift base to Dubai to evade hefty taxes in their native country.
  3. The Indian industrialists and businessman also move to Dubai because of the ease of doing business and high yields. In India, corruption is rampant, and it’s difficult to work efficiently.
  4. The wages are very high in Dubai in comparison to India and there is no tax. So salaried people and workers from India also want to move here. In Dubai, they are able to enjoy a lifestyle which they would never be able to enjoy in India.
  5. The infrastructure and housing in Dubai are world-class. The city is neat and clean. All houses, offices, bus stands are air-conditioned and everyone enjoys a good lifestyle. The Malls are mind-blogging. Delhi also had amazing malls, but nothing in comparison to Dubai Malls
  6.  We Indians are used to keep help at home for daily chores. In most of the western countries, it’s impossible to do so because of the high cost of labor. But in Dubai, labor is comparatively cheaper and affluent Indians can afford full-time help. In fact, lots of Indians bring their staff to Dubai from India only.
  7. Lots of Indians invest in real estate in Dubai. The houses in Dubai are plush, they are reasonable and they get high rentals. What more do you want. Many Indians have also taken properties here and made it their second home.
  8. Traveling is easy from Dubai as compared to India as it’s near to Asia, Europe, and America. That is a big boon nowadays.
  9.  For the Indians residing in Dubai, it’s a home away from home. They have so many Indian friends and relatives here.  Relatives from India keep coming. They manage to get all Indian grocery, Indian fruits, and vegetables here. The departmental store is full of Indian stuff. You name it and you get it. Indian movies are released here on the same day as they are released in India. There are lots of schools here which are there specifically for Indian students.
  10. All Indian festivals are celebrated in Dubai with full zest.  You have places of worship for all religions. In spite of Dubai being a Muslim state, all Indian religions are respected and encouraged. Indians gather in groups and enjoy their festivals without any hindrance. So you have a Hindu temple, Jain temple, Gurudwara, and even Churches. Dubai also has cremation facilities.
  11. Dubai’s 80% of the population is ex-pats. You get a chance to live in an international society where everyone is treated equally. Racism is not encouraged, unlike many countries where Indians migrate.

All said and done, I will surely like to point out that every country has its problems and we should expect to encounter them when you are thinking of migrating to a different country. In Dubai, tolerance for crime is very low. Small crimes can lead to heavy penalties, so you should be extra vigilant. The weather is very bad for 5-6 months of the year. There are no rains. The weekend is Thursday – Friday and not Friday-Sunday as the rest of the world. Dubai cannot compare to India in education, medical and business opportunities.  In India, we have many problems, but we are ahead of them in lots of fields. The cost of living is very high in Dubai.  Plus India is home and that’s where our heart resides.



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