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Why Custom Writing is the Best Option
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There are several kinds of essay writing guidelines you can get online. But custom writing – as opposed to buying pre-done papers - is the best way to go for various reasons. The best custom writing services will offer you the following:
Original Papers
Custom writing, by its very name, is about offering you original papers.
‘There nothing new under the sun’ – so it is said. It implies that there can hardly be anything entirely original. 
Now that may be true. Besides, even the so-called original papers are based on previous papers. Still, originality is a big issue in academic writing, and yes you can still write a paper – based on previous work as it may be – that can be considered original.
Doing an ‘original’ paper entails a number of things. For one, it requires coming up with a fresh topic, one that opens a path to a new point of view, i.e. a new perspective to what people may already know. It also requires using old literature only as a guide to making your fresh argument – and not using other people’s arguments as your own. 
The best custom writing will give you original work. This is because they work with professional writers, but also exerts across various disciplines. Besides, it also takes a little bit of knowledge on what’s already there to know what not, and only those with many years of experience can have that knowledge. 
So at least as far these criteria go, you can get an original paper. In the end, the paper you get is unique to you.
Plagiarism-Free Papers
Of all things that you may be accused of during your education, plagiarism is the last thing you need. It’s the cardinal sin, with big ramifications for you. In many cases, expulsion is one of the punishments you may face. But even after that, your reputation is destroyed.
But with custom writing, you avoid plagiarism.
To begin with, with an emphasis on writing an original paper, there is the effort among custom writers to avoid plagiarism at all costs. The writers conduct proper research, and cite their sources properly. 
But on top of that, the companies also work with anti-plagiarism software. Once the papers are completed, and before they are delivered to you, they are run through anti-plagiarism software. These will mark out what’s resembles information from other sources – at least online – and the findings can be used to revise your paper until it’s plagiarism-free. Moreover, you (the customer) may be allowed to use such tools and ascertain for yourself that your paper is without any cases of plagiarism.
Cost is an important purchasing-decision factor, and that’s no different here. 
Thankfully, largely because of the abundance of the custom writing services out there, prices are competitive enough. In the end, you get papers at affordable costs. But do watch out: cheap custom writing may not be the best custom writing.
And Finally…
If you’re need original papers, custom writing is certainly a good option.

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