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Top 10 Dog Friendly Hotels in Dorset
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When it comes to beauty, Dorset is very well known for it. You will not have a bad time visiting the place, and every single thing from the hotel to the view will guarantee that. The eye-catching beauty comes in various landscapes, historical castles and many more. The place is very welcoming for all, including your kids.

You can even bring your dog to the hotels in Dorset. Corfe Castle and the Purbeck Hills are currently the places that you must visit. You can visit there from Swanage Railway with the help of a steam train. The vitality and freshness of nature from the train can also be experienced by your dog.

The whole place in Dorset is designed in a manner that you and your pet will love for sure. Thus, this article will provide you all the information about the top 10 dog-friendly hotels in Dorset.

Let’s get started with the guide.

1.Hotel Du Vin

Du Vin is a lavish one from the outlook. You will get to stay in their Georgian style bedroom and taste their classic Fresh food. This whole experience will be like a dream. If you prefer to have some leisure time, a bar is there for you as well. Dogs are always welcomed to stay with you in any of the comfy rooms.

Outside, you will find beaches and the South West Coastal Path where you can play in the beach with your pet or go out for a walk with them.

This hotel charges £80 per night.

2.Dower House Hotel

If you are interested to explore the countryside of West Dorset, this dog-friendly hotel is the perfect match for you. You will have a good time in the beautiful bedrooms to spend your leisure and relaxing time since there are a bar and a heated outdoor swimming pool.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you must notify the hotel that your dog is also coming alongside. Notifying beforehand will assist the hotel managers to arrange all the stuff for both yourself and the dog. There is a park and a beach outside where you can walk or play with your dog without any hesitation.

It charges £135 per night.

3.Bella Vista​


This Victorian hotel is renowned for its astounding view. Everything is beautiful from the bedrooms to the garden. There are various dog-friendly hotels where you can stay with your beloved pet around Bella Vista. Along with that, you will find a beach where you can relax and play with them.

Accordingly, famous places like Corfe Castle, UNESCO Jurassic Coastal paths, The South West Coast Path are very nearer to this hotel, and you can easily visit these places if you prefer to stay in this comfy place.

This hotel charges £105 per night.

4.The Plantation

The plantation is a good dog-friendly colonial designed hotel. Everything from the bedroom to the foods is on top notch. Foods are also delicious. Before you arrive, inform the hotel managers that you are bringing your pet with you. During your stay, you can visit their gardens, Poole Conservation, and Sand Banks beach.

The hotel charges £80 per night.

5.Summer Lodge Hotel

This Georgian hotel is made both for yourself and your dog. Kids above 7 years old are welcomed. Beautiful rooms and delicious foods are present to give you a wonderful experience. Not only that, indoor pool and spa are present for your comfort.

By the time you enter the hotel, your dog will receive various facilities like dog foods, bowl, floor mat and towel. The hotel has an open space that you will be able to see from the balcony or the window, and you can use the place to go out for a walk with your dog.

Per night charge is £170 at this hotel.

6.Fisherman’s Haunt Hotel

This is a famous hotel for its view because of the Avon Meadow. Bedrooms are wonderful, and your dogs can stay with you in the dog-friendly rooms. Foods are good and there is a bar where you can spend your leisure time. Dogs are allowed to stay anywhere nearer the bar.

This hotel charges £70 per night.

7.Pines Hotel

Pines is on demand because of the views of the Swanage Bay and its location. You can take a tour to Corfe Castle if you prefer to stay in this dog-friendly hotel. Bedrooms are made for your perfect relaxation and from the window, you will get to see the beautiful view of the sea.

Likewise, foods are delicious and their British cuisines are very well renowned. You cannot take your dog with you in the restaurant areas, but there are places like the South West Coast Path, the Jurassic Coast and some beaches where you can enjoy and explore with your beloved pet.

It charges £120 per night.

8.Moonfleet Monor

This is a very welcoming hotel for your dog. The rooms are very eye-catching as well as the restaurant. You can eat the delicious food and enjoy the view of the lagoon beach along with it. For you to have a relaxing time, a heated indoor pool and spa are present.

If you have kids, water sports are there to keep them entertained. Various rooms are present that are dog-friendly and places like Corfe Castle or Dinosaurland are present if you prefer to take a walk with your beloved dog.

This hotel charges £100 per night.

9.Eastbury Hotel

The design of the hotel is a thing not to miss. You can stay with your dog in the comfy bedrooms and not only that, your dog will be welcomed with a dog bed, bowl, towel and lots of biscuits.

In addition, their foods are very delicious, and the thing that is in high demand is their British menu. A lounge bar is present for you to relax and a garden is there to lighten up your mood with nature.

Eastbury charges £155 per night.

10. Springfield Country Hotel, Leisure Club & Spa

The name of the hotel proves it all. This is a perfect hotel if you plan to have a relaxing time and get detached from all the noise from your regular life. Comfortable bedrooms, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and gardens are present in this hotel. Sports for both the adults and kids are there as well.

Accordingly, their local cuisines are well renowned for its taste. Dogs are always welcome to stay with you, but there are some restrictions that you must follow. Your beloved pet won’t be allowed to be with you in gardens, swimming pool areas as well as places where the public gathering is present.

This hotel charges £120 per night.


These are all the basic information that you should know regarding the dog-friendly hotels in Dorset. Pick any of the hotels according to your preference. Have a nice day!
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