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Traveling is all about fun. To be true, there are going to be other factors which are included in the trips like business deals or traveling for an occasion or for an emergency and what not. But traveling gives us pleasure and eases our mental conditions. You will always have a memory to cherish and remember. But there are times when all of us are stressed out and tired of life. We all need a crazy break in life and that is when we often decide to gather up unexpectedly and travel. We would want to travel without even planning much for it. So if you are into such ideas then let me help you further. I am Aara, your travel expert, going to give you some useful tips on crazy traveling.

Crazy travelling

  1. Don’t plan! Yes, that’s the golden rule for any unexpected travel plan. Just don’t plan your trip. Don’t note down any places, don’t start browsing about anything. Just set out to places that you always wanted to visit or that you know of and start shoving clothes and accessories inside your bags.
  2. Don’t set a deadline! Know when you want to go but don’t plan on returning on a particular date. Try covering the entire place that you are going to and if possible, try visiting the places nearby so that you get the chance to see things that you could not till date.
  3. Don’t have a budget! Usually, these kinds of trips need a lot of amounts to be spent as you cannot guarantee the amount of money you are spending because nothing is planned. The main idea is to spend at the spur of the moment but making sure that we have enough backup so that when things go wrong or when we have an emergency, we can make use of that immediately to reach back to our lives in time.
  4. Don’t pre-book! Now, this is a ridiculously funny thing to do but then why not act foolish when it is a crazy trip? So do not pre-book your tickets or try for a reservation right before 2 months or something. Go for last-minute Cheap flights or buses or trains and check if you could get a place. If you don’t get the reservation, try something crazier. Check for the availability of tickets to any place and if you find tickets available for any particular place, then go see that place. Confused? Simple! Travel to places where you can find tickets to. Go by the availability and not by your plans.
  5. Don’t follow the maps! Travel randomly. Ask people about the place, make locals your friends and guides, try interacting as much as you can and finally try seeing everything that is in the reach. Create your own map of memories.
  6. Don’t decide on anything! Don’t bother about the stay, don’t bother about the food and rents. You can find plenty of hotels to eat and rooms to sleep everywhere. In case you couldn’t find any place to sleep, you can go sleep on the roads like a hippie for once. But make sure that you don’t fall asleep totally and forget about your belongings. 

It is always cool to act like a hippie and wander around but all these scenarios are possible only when you don’t have a lot of pressure to be put on you and when you have plenty of holidays. Make sure that you have enough savings to use while you are on this trip and don’t regret later. Crazy traveling is all about getting lost in nature and sometimes it costs us a lot of finances and time. We must be prepared to dedicate both to it and that is how we will be able to remember how crazy those days were when we went all gaga over a hilarious unplanned trip to somewhere where nobody knew us and we didn’t know anything or anyone. So good luck with you ‘unplanning’ and happy journey! Do not forget to like, share and comment on this article if you like it.

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