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Things to Do in Monterey Like a Local
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With its beautiful scenery and ability to provide outstanding outdoor and indoor activities, along with so much history to explore, Monterey California is the ideal place to enjoy leisure days. That's when you are free to discover things to do in Monterey and the many attractions it has to offer in the Northern Portion of California's Central Coast on the southern edge of the famous Monterey Bay. At the right times you can even see migrating gray whales off in the distance and watch seals on the rocks.


Here are just a few examples of places to visit:

Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail: Named by Bicycling Magazine as having one of “California's Best Bike Paths,” where it is also a great place to walk or run. You take in the magnificent sights along the blue clear water and at Old Fisherman's Wharf, Sisters Park, Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, the dunes at Fort Ord State Park, and more. The trail is lined with colorful flowers and beautiful cypress trees, and it is said that Monterey Bay is the best place to see marine mammals outside of Antarctic.

Path of History: This is an excellent and informative walk around the city to learn of early California history and see some of the surviving buildings from the original Spanish and early American settlements. Follow a yellow dotted path that will take you around buildings and sites and give you information about their historical importance. Also included is free admission into the museums.

California's First Theater at Monterey State Historic Park: There are many historic buildings to view in the Park. You can only see this small theater from the outside, but it is interesting that it has been preserved. The adobe building was constructed in 1846-47 and was used as a tavern and lodging house. Then it became a theater in 1850 where US Army officers of Colonel Stevenson's New York Volunteers produced and showed plays.

Wine Country: Monterey boasts of having more than 175 unique vineyards. The wine growing mostly takes place in a 90-mile-long valley that has a “thermal rainbow” that spreads from north to south and from cold to warm, which provides diverse micro-climates that support 42 fine wine varietals.

Today’s growers use innovative techniques that will preserve the land for the future while producing the highest quality of grapes that go into the best high-quality wines.

Murals of Monterey: Eight murals/pictures, each extending 12 feet tall and spanning 30 miles, represent the region’s grape-growing and wine-making legacy. They highlight the wine culture of the region and direct guests to tasting rooms. The first viticulture mural was created five years ago.

Whale Watching: California is one of the world's only locations where you can see whales throughout the year. The ideal place for whale watching is indeed Monterey. In other areas, you may have to go far from the shore to spot a whale, but along this coast, whales can sometimes be seen with just a person's naked eye. The Monterey Submarine Canyon, which is the ocean's Grand Canyon, gives an ideal habitat for multiple whale species and allows them to be able to come close to shore to feed.

The diversity is amazing with whales including humpbacks, gray whales, blue whales, a fin or minke whale, or the occasional sperm whale. The rarely-observed beaked whale might make a cameo appearance as it dives for up to an hour at a time.

Conclusion: Monterey has been the recipient of many awards such as being one of the “healthiest small towns in America” according to the Health Science Degree Guide in 2016, named #6 of "America's Favorite Beach Towns" in 2016 by Travel + Leisure Magazine, one of the “Top 10 Happiest Seaside Towns” in 2015, and others.

Enjoy this fine California attraction as you find so many things to do in Monterey!

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