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Reasons Why Aeroflot Flights Are Cheap
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There are many airlines which offers cheap flights tickets from Asia to Europe and if we talking about the affordable airlines then there are two major airlines that come in everyone's mind that is Air China & Aeroflot. Yes the Aeroflot booking is much cheaper when we compare it with the other airlines and we will be going to reveal the reasons behind this in this article.

First, let's talk about how much safe is to travel in Aeroflot Airlines. When it comes to safety Aeroflot improved a little from the past years. But back in the time, the reviews were not very good. And who can forget the crash which happened in 1994 when the pilot gave his untrained son to fly the plane which got crashed and every passenger had lost their lives. But over time Aeroflot increased the safety for the passengers and there are very fewer mistakes that they make currently.

There are two basic reasons why Aeroflot Airlines Reservations & Flight bookings become cheaper. The reason are as follows:-

·         Rubel which is the currency of Russia has dropped rapidly from 34 to 64. This is one of the major reason why Aeroflot reduced its prices. The cost of the Aeroflot flights dropped and so does the fares.

·         It has become very expensive for the Russian people to travel abroad. The reason behind this is because people are still working on the same salaries as before. The Rubel fell and the dollar increased but the salary of the people remained the same. So there are many Russians who stopped flying internationally. And this is the second reason why Aeroflot Airlines Reservations became cheaper.

Yes, Aeroflot booking became cheaper but the service that they offer has not gone down although customer satisfaction has increased over the years. You can see that by yourself if you travel with them. The cabin crew is really helpful and attentive to any of your queries. They offer you a decent meal with many options, there will be arrangements for your entertainment so that you do not feel bored, and overall the service will be adequate. They have their website on which you can make Aeroflot reservations.

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