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Packing Checklist: 8 Essential Things Every First Time Traveler Should Bring
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Traveling for the first time is a thrilling adventure and it can be exciting yet anxiety-inducing.

If you don’t travel often, then leaving familiar lands may leave you a bit scared. However, there’s no need to worry too much. As long as you prepare beforehand, then you are going to be relatively fine.

With that said, as a first-time traveler, you might not know what items to bring with you to the trip. If that’s the case, then this article will help guide you.

Below are eight essential items to bring with you that every first time traveler should bring for any trip. Read on below to find out what they are.

1. Universal adapter plug

One traveler essential that you should always have on-hand with you, especially for an overseas trip, is a universal adapter plug.

People rely on the use of electronic gadgets a lot. When you’re traveling, you might bring your dryer, your chargers, and everything with you. Sometimes, you might even need to charge while you’re at the airport.

If you have a universal adapter plug with you, then you eliminate the need to look for an outlet that fits your plug. The same can be said for when you’re staying overseas, which may have a different outlet than you are used to.

2. Moisturizer

With that said, one of the more important things to bring with you are moisturizers.

Your skin is going to be exposed to all sorts of different climates. Plus, the airplane isn’t the most helpful of places when it comes to having a moisturized skin.

All the tediousness of travel can dry up your skin so it is a definite must. Keep your skin plump and healthy by bringing a moisturizer with you along your travels. You wouldn’t want to look all crusty in your photos, would you?

3. Pen

Something that you should bring with you at all times, regardless of whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for business, is a handy-dandy pen (and notebook).

You might have to fill-in some forms or jot down some important information, and having a pen and notebook will make it easier for you ‒ especially if you’re traveling for business. But don’t discount the use of a pen when you’re traveling for pleasure.

Sure, you can jot down information through your phone but that can be a waste of battery, so bring a pen with you instead.

4. Scarf

Something that you wouldn’t think of as an essential, but you should definitely bring with you, is a scarf.

A scarf has many uses and they aren’t only confined to keeping your neck warm during the cold weather or climate. A scarf can help add that little bit of something to your outfit. You can even use it as a head accessory if you’re so inclined. Aside from that, you can use it as a thin blanket or a warm one, if you bought a thicker variety.

You can buy a scarf anywhere, and best of all, since you can wear it on your neck, you don’t have to put it inside your luggage. According to Chester Travels, it’s best that you wear any bulkier clothing instead of packing them in your suitcase so that your bag isn’t so heavy.

5. Reusable bag

Another thing to bring with you is a reusable bag.

If you want to bring a bag with you to store items, but don’t want to carry your bulky backpack, then a tote bag is a great alternative. A tote bag can also be quite stylish if you have the right design.

Aside from that, a reusable bag can be pretty portable. Some or so foldable and portable that you can fold them up and put them into your pocket.

If you’re going to buy any groceries or the like, then you can help reduce your negative environmental impact by bringing a reusable bag along with you.

6. Travel sized toiletries

You shouldn’t bring your full-bottled toiletries with you. They’ll make your luggage heavy and you might end up spilling them.

Instead, you can transfer some of the contents on travel-sized bottles. That will make sure that you have enough for a trip. Plus, they won’t be too heavy and bulky inside your luggage.

7. First aid kit

If you’re going to be backpacking and hiking during your travels, or you’re going to be doing some risky activities, then make sure you’ve got a first-aid kit with you. Sometimes, medical aid wouldn’t be accessible to you, so having a first-aid kit will be a big help.

8. Travel guide

A travel guide is a great item to bring with you during any travels. Even before you set foot into a new place, having a travel guide with you can help you plan out your trip. Once you’re there, the travel guide can help serve as a navigation tool to get to where you want to go.

Aside from that, some travel guides can help you find out what the credible travel insurance companies are in case you’re interested in getting one for yourself. A travel guide can also help lead you to the local eats and drinks to have that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

If you’re interested in getting to know a place without the help of a tour guide, then a travel guide is the next best thing.


As a first-time traveler, you are sure to find a use in all of the eight things listed on this article. They all have a range of use from the cosmetic to the actual travel itself. Thus, if you’re packing for your trip, make sure that you’ve got these eight things along with you.

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