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How to visit Barcelona
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Barcelona is magic is something we already know, and that captivates everyone who visits and lives in it is nothing more than a sincere and resounding reality ... but how to visit it?

From the center of Barcelona, like the beach, see the modernist age and even find all the medieval corners of the city are the focal points of interest for all tourists, and what are also part of the city.

Access to them is usually relatively easy, but if you want to go from one side to another you should know the transport that connects them.

The taxi

This is one of the most used transports in the city, it is very popular if you want to get to the sites quickly, and if you want some privacy.

This is also reflected in a rather expensive price, compared to other means of transport such as the public or other types of transport.

The rickshaw

These are other alternatives, which increasingly have more importance and weight when it comes to moving around the cities. The speed and the most economic factor help people to take this type of transport.

Besides the weather, the companies are usually city tours in Barcelona, so you get an extra touristic experience.

Public transport

Of this there are many types: trains, subways or buses are part of it and you can get with cards like the T-10 to travel through all the areas of Barcelona.


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