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How to look decent when flying home
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If you’ve decided to visit your family and booked a plane ticket, you should prepare yourself for the challenges of grooming during flights. Chelsea barbers NYC have kindly agreed to share their wisdom with our readers:


1. Moisturize generously

Since dryness is the common problem during plane flights, you should keep everything hydrated. Firstly, make sure you condition your hair regularly so that it doesn’t feel thirsty during the flight. Secondly, replenish moisture balance of your skin before a takeoff with the help of hydrating cream.


2. Take care of your eyes

Your eyes are the first to tell that you had stress, and a lengthy plane flight is rather a stressful experience. It happens because the skin around our eyes is extremely sensitive and vulnerable. If you want to look decent after leaving the plane, apply eye cream to remove puffiness and dark circles.


3. Pack face wipes

It’s essential to keep your skin ultimately clean and let it breathe when flying high in the sky. Grime and sebum can cause discomfort, irritation, and other unpleasant problems. We recommend packing face wipes, which can remove dirt and oil from your skin without depriving it of precious moisture.


4. Prepare dry shampoo

Your hair will probably look like a total mess whether you want it or not; for this reason, you will need a dry shampoo. According to Chelsea barbers NYC, it’s an irreplaceable product for constant travelers. It helps to refresh your mane by absorbing an excessive oil from your roots in an instant.


Follow these simple tips to look your best after the touchdown! 

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