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How Much Does It Cost to Travel Around The World For A Year?
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The first question asked by anyone considering a round the world trip is “how much will it cost”? It’s not easy to give an exact answer to this question, because every trip is based on different variables like traveling style, destinations and timing. So it’s not possible to trust a hard number. Planning your round the world trip is a good idea. So today we’ll help you out with this guide so you can plan a budget for the best trip of your life!   First you need to be aware of some things: 

What kind of variables affect costs?

There are two things that have the most influence on the cost for your trip:

  • Where you go: Some parts of the world are cheaper than others. If you go to Southeast Asia, Central America or India it will cost you less comparing to Europe, Australia, the United States or Japan.

  • When you go: Also know as seasonality, the timing of your trip will have a huge influence on the overall cost of your around the world trip. Prices can vary radically depending on the time of year you’re there.

  • Accommodations: The level of luxury you choose on your accommodation will obviously have a huge impact on your trip’s cost.

  • What you do: The kind of activities you choose to do will have a big impact on the total cost of your trip. Snorkeling, skydiving and that kind of activities aren’t cheap!

  • Kind of food you eat:  Where you eat will change your food costs. Eating at street vendors it’s not the same as eating at a fancy restaurant.

What is included in the cost of a round the world trip?

The list of essentials is not so big. There are only a few things that you’ll certainly spend money when you travel:

  • Plane tickets: If you want to travel around the world for a year you’ll have to use a plane(s) eventually. It’s not easy to predict an average cost. Plane tickets can vary between $2500-$3500 per person, including taxes. Plan on $3300. If your trip comes in lower, great! Obviously, if you fly on business class it will be more expensive.  

  • Accommodation: These can vary a lot. After planet tickets, accommodations will be the most expensive part of your trip. The prices changes according where you are: plan on $20 to $40 per night in inexpensive places and $90 to $150 in expensive regions. Now if you go for hostels every night, the price will be a lot cheaper: you’ll be able to find a dormitory for under $5 in cheap areas, and in most expensive areas under $25.

  • Food/ Drinks: This item will vary if you’re in a expensive area or not and what kind of meal you take. A good range will be planning $1-5 per meal in not so expensive places and $5-20 in expensive ones.  

  • Activities: Museums, tours, adventure activities. All of this kind of activities will cost you money. There are a lot of free activities, but in a year you will most certainly spend money in any kind of activity. It’s really hard to plan the average cost. They can range from less than $5 to $200 each, depending on the location and activity.

  • Ground transportation: This includes taxis, buses, trains, ferries, motorcycle rentals, etc. Costs will vary on how fast and where you will going. Renting a motorbike in Southeast Asia will be a lot cheaper than renting a car in Dubai. However, ground transportation is a small fraction of your trip expenses.

  • Travel Insurance: This is extremely important and should not be forgotten. There are a lot of affordable International Health Insurances who will cover for any bad thing that could happen to you. For example, if you’re not prepared the costs can increase by thousands if you break a leg.

So how much a round the world trip will cost?

If we look at the general consensus from travelers who’ve done it, these kind of trip will cost somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000. However, this is just an average. If you want to sleep everyday in fancy hotels and eat in expensive restaurants, flying everywhere in business class, it will be a lot more expensive. If you are a lowly backpacker, you could travel the world for a lot less. We know about backpackers who did it spending $6,000!

After all, doing a reasonable average, the price on a comfortable round the world year-long trip will be something like $25,000. Monthly it will cost you around $2,250, with every cost into consideration. For a lot of people it’s cheaper to be on the road than staying at home. Can you believe that?

We believe that the longer the trip, the less you spend on a daily basis. We said this because you don’t need to fill each day with activities or spending too much expensive time in airports. That said, longer trips can be cheaper on a relative basis.

Do a bit of online research, compare different opinions of people who done it and you’ll see that it’s possible and not so expensive. You probably are spending that much money per year, or even more!


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