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Dubai- The Pride of Middle East
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Dubai is the 4th most popular city in the world according to the ninth annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index. The city has enjoyed the highest international expenditure by overnight visitors last year - $28.50 billion USD. Astounding? Yes. Dubai’s rankings in the ninth MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index only goes to reaffirm the emirate’s position as the ultimate tourist destination. Dubai offers much more than mere attractions and shopping; it offers complete and utter safety for everyone, especially travelers. So here are some reasons for what makes Dubai the most celebrated travel destination in the Middle East.

Dubai, The Shopping Paradise!

Dubai Mall

Dubai’s year-around retail sector offers a fabulous range of shopping festivals and events that are designed to draw international customers.  The sheer number of high-end malls selling every aspect of luxury is mind-blowing. Dubai’s shopping malls aren’t just about shopping, though; they offer a range of experiences that are designed to keep entire families entertained and busy within the mall.

The Dubai Mall is the best of them all, with the kids’ gaming center SEGA Republic, underwater aquarium and a host of other attractions. Why would anyone want to go home when shopping is so much fun? The beauty of shopping in Dubai is that there are luxury goods for the high-end customer and excellent bargain-worthy items available for the budget-conscious shopper. A trip to Deira and Bur Dubai will reap riches such as perfumes, spices, handmade clothes, pashmina shawls, carpets and much more, at bargain prices.

There’s Something Fresh Every Time

La Perle Dubai

Dubai keeps reinventing itself; each time you visit, there’s something new to feast your eyes on, something new to enjoy and talk about. Visitors to Dubai in late 2017-and-early-2018 will witness the opening of La Perle (Dubai’s first permanent theatrical show), the Dubai Frame, the Dubai Eye, the hotels Dukes Dubai and Address Boulevard and many more new attractions. Dubai Canal is well on its way to completion, and will be a definite tourist draw in the coming year.

The Best Attractions Of Dubai

Of course, needless to say is the fact that Dubai’s incredible attractions keep visitors hooked with each visit. The 829-meter tall Burj Khalifa is one attraction that is #1 on every tourist’s must-see list. Then it’s the turn of the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-Star hotel. The manmade Palm Jumeirah islands, the World Map islands, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Lake, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Dubai Marina – the list is simply endless. Let us not forget to mention IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Parks and Resorts and Dubai Opera.

The best way to check out most of these attractions on limited time and budget is via the hop-on-hop-off Big Bus tour. Overnight visitors love to experience the city through this very thorough tour, which stops at every major landmark, allowing people to hop off and explore the area at their own pace. Visitors can hop back on to the next Big Bus on the same route and continue their journey. There’s a bus every 15 minutes on the tour route so it’s an easy job of hop-on and hop-off just as the tour brochures say!

Fabulous Cultural Experiences

Dubai Museum

While the glittering city of Dubai offers scintillating, luxurious experiences, there’s another part of Dubai that satisfies one’s cultural yearnings. A tour of the old Dubai and the Historical Museum at Al Fahidi Fort satisfies the culture vulture’s love of tradition and historical artifacts.

The towns of Deira and Bur Dubai and the twisting lanes of Bastikaya Quarter are leftovers from the time before the oil discovery in the UAE. As you stand there in the lane, bargaining for a better price on a carpet with a wildly gesticulating Arab in traditional robes, the traveler realizes that there’s so much more to Dubai than its outer covering of glitz and glamor and its never-ending luxurious experiences.

The Mystical, Magical Desert

Desert Safari

Another aspect of Dubai that will ground you to reality is the beautiful Arabian Desert. Sign up for a Desert Safari Dubai and experience what it must have been like for the Bedouin nomads who’ve lived in the desert for centuries. In fact, the ruling family of the UAE was one of the most prominent Bedouin tribes of the desert.

Travelers stop to say an intimate hello to the red sand dunes; they do this via a 4X4 luxury vehicle, via a sand board, via a quad bike and via camel ride. They enjoy watching wonderful sunsets and sunrises over the huge dunes, with a cup of hot, thick and sweet Arabian coffee in hand. They celebrate the UAE’s culture by participating and admiring traditional Arabian belly dancing and Tanura dancing. The desert offers the kind of experience that soothes every traveler at a soul level.

Coastal Magnificence

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dubai’s coast is another major attraction, especially during the evenings when the entire city is decked out like a bride with colorful LED lights. The Burj Khalifa’s incredible height literally becomes a canvas for a delightful digital light and music show with changing abstract patterns in flashes of brilliant colors. One can see this spectacle from far off the coast.

One of the best ways to enjoy this spectacle and the incredible Dubai skyline is to take a dhow cruise along the coast. The ancient marine vessel has now been renovated with glass enclosures and a host of luxurious amenities for tourists. A dhow cruise is one of the must-do activities while in Dubai, and most visitors sign up for one. One can sign up for a dhow cruise of the Dubai coast, with Dubai Marina as the starting point, or cruise along the enchanting Dubai Creek.


Dubai continues to be a must-visit destination for people, for business or pleasure or both. Not many short-term visitors have the time to truly appreciate everything that Dubai has to offer. This, of course, necessitates the need to return to Dubai for a more wholesome experience, and starts the whole ball and chain routine of returning for more fun. People of all ages love to visit Dubai, because the city has something to offer each age group, especially kids, who can enjoy a million attractions such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, to KidZania to SEGA Republic and so much more. Is it any wonder then that Dubai is quickly climbing the ladder to the Numero Uno position as the most popular tourist destination in the world?

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