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Essential Packing Tips Everyone Should follow
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For most of us, the most boring and stressful part of vacations is packing. Everyone has their own way of packing for their trips. Some people tend to start their packing days before their departure date and some have the habit of packing last-minute. There are many who make a list and diligently follow it, and there are few who would just randomly throw things in their bags.

Whatever may be the style of your packing, it cannot be denied that packing is not an easy job. You have to ensure that you have not forgotten to pack everything you might need during your trip and also keep in mind that you have not over-packed. Making your bags heavy not only makes it very inconvenient to carry but may also result in being levied hefty charges for extra weight. Over-stuffed and mismanaged suitcases also create lots of problems in finding things in your baggage. It becomes imperative that you keep your luggage light and pack your suitcases in a proper manner so that you can have a hassle-free and comfortable trip. If you follow these easy steps, you will have a very organized, light, and manageable bag that would make life so much easier on your vacations.

  • Buy a lightweight suitcase so that you do not add unnecessary extra pounds to your baggage. Using a good quality bag with smooth handles and wheels is really imperative for a comfortable journey
  • Always make a detailed packing list. You don’t want to end up in a foreign land without your basic things.
  • Use compression bags and packing cubes. They not only save space but makes it easier to find things in your bags
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Tightly-rolled clothes take less space and keep the clothes wrinkle-free
  • Pack dual-purpose garments that can be layered and matched with each other. Carrying clothes in neutral shades really helps in mixing and matching clothes with each other.
  • Pack according to your itinerary. The clothes you are going to need first should be packed on top of the suitcase
  • Use wrinkle-free and lightweight clothes that can be washed, dried, and reused during your trips.
  • Use your cosmetics in small bottles that are spill-proof. Bringing heavy toiletries not only takes lots of space in your baggage but can also be dangerous if they open-up accidentally.
  • Place shoes and heavy items in the bottom of your bags – it saves space and keeps the bags balanced.
  • If you are carrying anything fragile, place them in the center of your bag with a buffer from all sides. They should be wrapped in bubble-wrap or some thick garments.
  • Put shoes in shoe bags so that they do not stain other items in your bag
  • Fill dead space in your bags with socks, undergarments, accessories, swimsuits, and other wrinkle-free clothes.
  • Use zip-lock bags to keep your chargers, adaptors, cosmetics, and accessories organized and safe.
  •  Never pack your valuables in the checked-in baggage. They should be with you in your carry-on bag.
  • Take a couple of laundry bags with you. This way you can keep the soiled clothes apart from the clean ones.
  • Carry all your medication and important documents with you in your carry-bag in an easily-accessible location. You don’t want to create havoc in your bag trying to find these essentials when you are in a hurry. 
  • Don't fill your bag with things that are not essential for your trip.
  • Know of any more packing tips? Would love to know about them.


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