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Different Types Of Shorts That You Can Wear
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Today, shorts are a fashion statement in the clothing industry. Back in those olden days, shorts were meant to be worn on hot and humid weather to maintain comfort and airflow. Shorts are basically a garment that is worn over the pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs.

Shorts are basically shortened versions of trousers as they don’t cover the entire legs. Shorts are available in a variety of sizes form knee-length short trousers to beachwear and athletic shorts. Moreover, you can also get men’s short underwear, if you are really feeling hot!

When to Wear Shorts?

Shorts can be worn when the temperature is hot outside and you are in the right environment as the location plays an important role. You can also wear shorts when you are not in meetings or attending a formal event.

Types of Shorts

There are a number of shorts available in the market and the designers are always coming up with the new ideas to present. Have a look at these different types of shorts that you can buy today.

Tennis Shorts

As the name suggests, tennis shorts are made to wear during tennis matches. Such shorts are usually above the knee which allows maximum freedom for movement.

Running Shorts

This type of shorts is specially designed for running as they are light in weight and very short. Today’ s running shorts are made longer using flexible and lightweight materials that allow you to run effortlessly. You can even wear these shorts during other activities as well.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a shorter version of cargo pants that are typically knee-length with multiple pockets. Cargo shorts are typically stitched to the outside side of the legs. These shorts are practical for camping and wilderness activities where you require various tools like a knife, compass, torch, etc.

Baggie Shorts

These are basically loose fitting shorts that reach the knees. Such type of shorts is associated with the football kit and similar sports.

Bermuda Shorts

These are short trousers that are 3-4 inches above the knees commonly worn by men. This type of shorts is available in a range of colors from gray to navy to some bright hues. Bermuda shorts were designed around 1900 for the military wear but today, Bermuda shorts are widely worn in the world.


These type of shorts are long with loose-fitting that are specially designed for the beachwear. They are also described as baggies or jams. They emerged in Hawaii in the 1950s. These shorts were first made from cotton along with quick-drying synthetics such as nylon and neoprene. Boardshorts were made knee-length in order to protect the surfer’s leg from sticking to the wax on their surfboard.

Nowadays, boardshorts are widely worn as a fashionable garment beyond the beach including as clubwear and schools.

Boxer Shorts

These elastic-waisted soft fabric shorts were usually worn as underwear. But boxer shorts were originally designed to wear by boxers during boxing. Boxer shorts were designed as an alternative to the leather belted trunks that boxers used to wore. If you also want to buy boxer shorts along with men's designer underwear at discounts then you can visit abcunderwear.com.

Convertible Shorts

Convertible shorts are long pants that zip off at the knee, thus allowing the wearer to vary the length of their trouser leg at wish. Such type of shorts are suited for fishermen as long pants can be converted to wading-length shorts.



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