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Delicious Cuisines of Leh Ladakh
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“Travelling sometimes leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller”; certainly this is the only possible thing would happen after you visit the ‘crown of India’, Ladakh in order to reach to this beautiful place  you can book cheap flight tickets online. The place features the magnificent snow-capped mountains and sprawling landscape. Being close to the Tibet, the place is highly influenced by Tibetan culture, in its festivals as well as cuisines. Undoubtedly, this region is one of the best places for the food lovers and offers variety of dishes in veg and non veg.

In this article, we would tell you about the most delicious local dishes of Leh- ladakh, which everyone should try in their trip to Ladakh.

  • Thukpa

Traditionally, the dish belongs to Tibet and being close to it, thukpa is very popular in Ladakh. The soup has several varieties, which makes it on demand; it is basically a noodle soup mixed with spices and chilly. Almost, in every part, this palpable dish is made with vegetables, but few also add chicken to the soup for different variety, which makes it more delicious. In Leh-Ladakh, this soup helps to pop up the body and cut off the extremely low temperature experienced here for the whole year.


  • Skyu

The traditional dish of Ladakh, skyu is the daily meal of the local people here. Tourists here should definitely try this meal, which is very light to the stomach, healthy and very tasty. This dish is of thumb size, which is made up of kneaded wheat flour dough, cooked mainly in water. This dish is available in veg and non veg, as per desire. One could enjoy the meal mixed with vegetables or meat.

  • Butter Tea

This is the signature beverage of the Ladakh, which everyone should try for a change. Actually, this form of tea is not commonly served in restaurants, perhaps one could find it mainly in local households of Ladakh. It is made up of butter and salt, which is very unique variety. Both the ingredients are very helpful in fighting with cold, as butter helps keep lips from getting chapped in cold weather and salt act as  immune to fight against sickness. It is enjoyed mostly with Khambir, a form of bread.

  • Chang

This indigenous brew of Ladakh is made in a cylindrical pot by fermenting miller with yeast. This very tasty dish is somehow very hard to prepare. One has to put water on the top of cylindrical pot until the miller loses its strength; as a result a liquid is obtained which is called chang. The dish totally belongs to the region and also very well suited for the locals, according to the temperature.

  • Thenthuk

It is said to be another form of thukpa or soup. This very common noodle soup is prepared with wheat flour dough and mixed vegetables or even meat and mutton. Being filled with heavy filings, this dish is generally taken as a form of lunch or dinner. Noodles are present in thenthuk in large amount as compare to Thukpa, which makes it yummier. In cold temperature, one would love to gorge on hot noodle soup mixed with vegetables and yak meat.

Local cuisine and hospitality, makes Ladakh one step ahead from other beautiful places in the country.  With coming holidays, choose a convenient one from various Leh Ladakh tour packages, and enjoy a good wonderful trip.

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