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4 Fabulous Cruises For Your Next Holidays
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Everyone who has ever been on a cruise knows that it's an exciting and fun experience. The possibility of visiting several countries and cities during the same trip, as well as the ludic offer that can be enjoyed in these ships, is attractive. In this post, we propose the most typical European cruises that you might have missed.

Europe is lucky to be formed by many and not too large countries so in a journey you can visit an infinite number of places and countries. Take a look at our proposals.

Cruises to Europe:

Eastern Mediterranean

Greece and its beautiful islands are of great importance here. From some great ones like Crete to other more exclusive ones like Santorini, Kefalonia, Faliraki or Paros, all are fascinating places to visit with a cruise. However, in case you need more time to explore Greece and its beautiful islands, you can always spend few relaxing days in Santorini.

It is also possible that you can take you to Cyprus, the west coast of Turkey or Alexandria in Egypt.

Mediterranean West

The Mediterranean West has a vast array of incredible options. The east coast of Spain, the French Riviera and the west coast of Italy are a very typical. This tour allows you to visit cities like Valencia, Barcelona, Nice, Pisa, Rome or Naples. Furthermore, you can visit the Italian islands and Spanish, such as Sardinia, Sicily, Ischia, Capri or the famous Balearic Islands. For the most adventurous, can also search for tours in dazzling destinations in North Africa, or also on the picturesque island of Malta.


A cruise in the Adriatic is one of the most demanded, thanks to its beauty and affordable prices. The possibility of enjoying the east coast of Italy and the entire coast of Croatia is also an excellent reason to book a cruise in the Adriatic. Some even opt to continue to Albania and Greece, which apparently makes the trip complete. Cities like Venice, Split, Dubrovnik, Bari, San Marino not to mention the Greek islands.


Among cruise ships in Europe, this is probably the first choice for many travellers. From the Baltic, it's possible to arrive at a large number of cities and countries. From Stockholm to Helsinki, passing by Tallinn, Riga and Copenhagen. The Baltic countries are truly beautiful and pleasant, especially in summer when the temperature is mild. 

As you can see, the options in Europe are very varied. You will love relaxing in the pool and other leisure areas of the ship, where you will also be very easy to meet people and share wonderful experiences. Give yourself a chance and book a cruise for your next vacation. 

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