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Business Opportunity Scams - 3 Simple Questions to Ask to Help You Avoid Online Scams
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You have bills up to your eyeballs and you know people are making money online. But when you go do a search for business opportunities you end up getting tens of thousands of results for websites that are promising the moon. Each one has a better idea and each one has some kind of free offer for you if you just give them your email address. But what about all the online business opportunity scams everyone has heard about? It seems like there is a sea of opportunity online but that sea is full of sharks.

So what can you do to break through to the legitimate online opportunities and avoid the scams? What I have discovered is that there are 3 simple questions you can ask anytime you are looking at a business opportunity that will quickly help you avoid the scams and help you uncover the solid legitimate opportunities. (click here)

Question # 1.

Is the business opportunity that you are looking into registered with any local or federal government agency? There are also good independent online watch dog agencies as well: Internet Trade Bureau and Scam X for example. Make sure the businesses opportunity you are looking at is registered with some kind of authority agency that has checked out the opportunity and has given it their OK.

Question # 2.

Does the business opportunity require you to make a monthly payment? If so why? Do you really want to be saddled to a monthly payment each and every month just to benefit someone else? Think about it, was your intention when you looked into the business opportunity to make someone else rich or make yourself rich? I do not want to be forced to pay someone else every month for the right to be in business.

Question # 3.

Does the business opportunity offer any kind of a 30 to 90 day money back guarantee? If not why not? If it is such a good opportunity why not back it up with a guarantee? You want a way to get your money back if you do not like what you see once you have all the information.

So there you have it. Three simple questions that will quickly keep you out of online scams and guide you to a legitimate online business opportunities.

Of course there are other questions you can ask such as does the business opportunity have a real product?; what is the pay structure?; how long has the company been in business?, etc.

Using the first 3 simple questions I have discussed however will weed out most of the business opportunities you encounter online that are not worth being involved in. You know, the ones that make you feel like shark bait. The questions will also make it clear which business opportunities are legitimate; the ones that will help pay off all that debt and help you get to the day when you can quit your day job.

Buzby Cook is a full time Forex trader and has used Fundraiser 1.0 to raise capital for his trading. Fundraiser 1.0 is one of the few online business opportunities that is registered with the United States Security and Exchange Commission.

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