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Best Tips On Tapping Into The Scents Of Barcelona
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When travelling from Barcelona Airport to the city centre, you will probably be on the lookout for the great attractions in Barcelona. You can consider having a list of things to do as you go around. One of the top attractions you will enjoy in Barcelona is its ambience. You will find it so easy travel around the city’s marvelous buildings, culture, and atmosphere. Given are best tips on tapping into the scents of Barcelona. 

Getting by

The moment you get outside of the terminal building while you wait for transportation from Barcelona Airport, you will get that unique Mediterranean smell of warmth full of aviation fuel. The appealing experience will tell you that you have arrived in a place with great weather. When leaving the airport behind, you will forget the smells of the airport. The new flavours of the great Catalan capital will begin to suffice. 

What to look forward to

Barcelona and the Mediterranean are no longer the fish gourmand’s paradise. This has been due to shortages in stocks and high prices. However, the local culture is still highly appreciated. Thus, as you walk around the Barcelona streets at lunch time, you cannot miss the fairly frequent touches of grilled fish mixed with various herbs.
While in a taxi from Barcelona Airport to city centre , open the window shade the moment you get into the urban areas. You’ll enjoy the incredible mix of atmospheres with various smells of plants and flowers. These come with particular warmth of delicious smells of food which seems to hang permanently in the air over this Catalan city. As you are getting out and about, you will be assailed by the superb odours of cooking fish.
Strictly speaking, there is Paella a dish from the south towards Valencia but widely eaten in Spain. You will not forget its unmistakable smell. In Barcelona, there are lots of traditional fish dishes including Bacalla a la Llauna. It’s a superb dish of salted cod, desalted wine, garlic, cloves, and peppers. All these add up to the exotic street smells during mealtimes. 

There’s more

Tapas are another phenomenon widely found across Spain including the various bars in Barcelona to add to the background smell. There are also fruits and vegetable shops which simply add a different smell in the southern hemisphere. You will enjoy their richer and healthier appeal as you pass by in the street. There is more to Barcelona than the food. There’s the seaport plus the sea breeze which add their own fresh smells full of salt and faraway places. You will also enjoy the ancient city with a more distinctive aroma mixed with warm trees. 

Bottom line

With these tips, you will have a fantastic time in this great Catalan city for a thrill of your life. Once you pre-book a Barcelona Airport taxi transfer, your driver will be waiting for you. It will be a journey with no worry about safety or any hassles. 

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