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A Guide To Las Vegas Pool Parties
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Las Vegas is well known for its squawky pool parties. These parties, being the hot spots in the Entertainment Capital of the World, are perfect for visitors that want to soak up some sun, drink and dance.

Although every pool party in Las Vegas offers a slightly different experience, you can expect to be enveloped in water playground of fun where the alcohol flows freely, the music pounds out from the speakers and people dance the afternoon away.

Considered one of the highlights of a Vegas visit and the best chance to get wet with partygoers, the Vegas pool party scene is absolutely legendary. But before you head for the hotel door, there are a few things that you’ll need to know in order to ensure that you have a fantastic time and don’t get kicked out:

  • Carry proof of ID: Pool clubs are just like nightclubs. You’ll have to show the doorman upon entry that you are of legal age (21 or older). A driver’s license, passport or government-issued identification card is usually acceptable.

  • Expect to have everything that you bring especially bags, purses and backpacks searched at the entrance: Though this won’t happen at every pool club, but it is common at the ones that accommodate a large number of revelers. Security personnel at the door will examine every nook and cranny within your belongings. The goal behind this is to keep illegal drugs out. Thus among the items that are prohibited and typically confiscated are over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, vitamins or anything in pill form. An array of liquids ranging from contact lens solution and eye drops to even hand sanitizer are also banned. Also, any sharp object and anything that looks like a weapon will be taken from you.

  • Dress Code for Pool Parties: For the pool parties, guys should avoid wearing jeans, jerseys, or other non-pool attire. Some pools have a stricter dress code than others, but you are safe wearing a swimsuit, sandals or flip-flops and a tank top or swimsuit cover-up. Generally for proper pool party attire, dress as if you were going to the beach.

  • Come early: The queue for guests to purchase general admission tickets can be long, especially on weekends. Obviously, you’ll want to spend your day socializing by the pool and not waiting to get in. Additionally, those who arrive at the beginning can spread their towels and lay claim to prime spots on the deck or near the water’s edge.



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