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5 Best Spring Activities to do In Seattle
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What distinguishes this city from the rest is its friendly vibe and charming laid back demeanour, which complete with its elaborate nightlife scene, myriad attractions and vast cuisine makes Seattle a one of a kind destination in the world. While the place, with its plethora of offerings, is a true delight to visit year around, there are certain places in Seattle that are best visited in spring. Here we have accumulated a list of attractions that we deem to be a must visit in spring during your Seattle tours. Check them out!

1) Discovery Park

One of the best places to visit in spring, Discovery Park is packed with plenty of scenic views and a charming surrounding that lures nature lovers and recluse from all over the world. While there is no particular attraction to visit here, you can spend all your time walking along its coast, feeling the salty fresh air on your face and admiring as the waves come roaring to life. If not, take your favourite cocktail drink for a thorough indulgence. Being on the coastal side, it is accessible year around, but a detour in spring is certainly more engaging, given the weather is at its fine and tourists are comparatively less.

2) The Seattle Arboretum

A whiff of fresh air amid the hubbub of the concrete world, the park has established itself as a popular attraction among visitors and is a must-do on all Seattle sightseeing tours. With lush green surrounding, backed by serene vibes and a well maintained botanical garden, the Seattle Arboretum comes as a winner among all. But what lands it on this list the first place is its specific Japanese Garden which literally comes alive in spring when the beautiful spread of cherry blossoms sees their full bloom. The koi pond and bonsai plants only add to it. Come here and spend some time relishing its beauty while feeling your stress disappear.

3) The WAC

Spring is the season of cherry blossoms and if there is one place in Seattle to view it in their full bloom, apart from the arboretum, of course, it is WAC. The scenic beauty of this area in truly unmatchable. Pass through The Quad and you will know. A great place to take a nice leisurely stroll and spend some time in. If you are coming with family, even better! A visit to the WAC is considered to be one of the best tours in Seattle.

4) The Center For Wooden Boats

What started 25 years ago has today become one of the fun spring events in the city.  Every Sunday a crew of adventure enthusiasts take the locals on a fun rendering water ride on spirit boats and schooners. If you are lucky, your visit to this place can even be accompanied by a yacht. Regardless, whatever you ride through, the surrounding views remains just as breathtaking and alluring. The Seattle skyline views can be quite intimidating, yet worth watching at least once in your lifetime.

5) Smith Tower

We all have heard about the Space Needle but what about this? Quite underrated, the towering Smith Tower is no less than the Space Needle when it comes to having the best views in the city. More popular among localities, the towering building provides equally engaging views and is quite frequented among natives as well. Walk around the premises and admire its gigantic structure, hike up to the top and spend some time there and finally once you are done seeing it all, go for a nice meal in the nearby cafes around.

Hope our list has helped you getting a perspective on the best places to visit in Seattle in Spring. It is very necessary to do a proper research to have the best Seattle tours by your side. So do your research, plan a trip and make the best of Seattle.

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