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A five-step guide to buy the first car
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Since it’s a substantial investment, you need to keep in mind a few things important in taking the right decision. Start by looking at several dealers, makes and models which is as important as shopping for a car loan.

You’re likely to find better interest rates through local bank or perhaps credit union. If however, you aren’t financing through the dealer, more negotiating power is vested upon you. Have a look at some critical details for first time buyers approaching cars for sale in Qatar!

  1. Determine the budget

Like every other commodity, the first thing to determine is budget and how much you wish borrowing. This includes the type of car you want and its average cost in comparison to your budget. In addition, identify how much you can afford as a substantial amount is payable in more or less three years. Only proper budgeting can help you pay off the amount conveniently and avoid common mistakes made by buyers when purchasing their first vehicle through cars for sale in Qatar.

  1. Shop for loan before the car itself

The next step is the loan hunt and this can be a little bit frustrating! Many lenders won’t guarantee a specific rate unless you sign legal papers however; they’ll surely give your preapproval for the loan amount per current rate. Approach your bank, a credible financial institution or credit union if you’re eligible. Be sure asking for lower interest rates and automatic payments.

  1. Looking for a car

The actual car hunt begins at dealers, in newspaper classified, online sources and of course, cars for sale in Qatar as you’re likely to find some of the best deals ever. Always have the car inspected by an industry expert or auto mechanic before finalising the purchase.

Only a good mechanic can save you from buying a cloned vehicle or perhaps one with lots of problems that can serious eat your entire budget. Better understand the differences between buying a new and used cars along with their features.

  1. Fill out the loan details

On picking a vehicle and negotiating the cost, it’s finally time to pay for the car which means you should contact the bank for final details. Bank usually asks for a title or vehicle identification number in order to process the loan application. If obtaining a car from previous owner, you’ll need to provide a title to finalise the transfer process.

  1. Car registration & title transfer

Once you own the vehicle, new title and tag (license plate) is a must that can be done at a local DMV office. In most cities, you’ll find a different DMV for driver’s license, title and tag. If you’ve loan on the car, title is directly shared with the bank by the DMV for which owner needs completing a form.


The above details are important when purchasing your very first vehicle from cars for sale in Qatar.

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