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This generation will lead society down the hole or above what is expected
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      Now a days there are new changes that our generation is getting more used to. From technology to fashion and from fashion to teenagers. Since the 90's new technology has been produced and sold to many. Could this technology improve or destroy our society? We wouldn't know yet but there are people that can not even put down their smart phones for an instant. People may be out with family, friends, or loved ones and they pay more attention to their phones. It's unbelievable how people use to interact face-to-face and now there is a higher percentage of interactions being held behind a screen. The world could care less if someone is being beaten up savagely without taking footage with the cameras on their phones or tablets before calling for help or helping out themselves. This can endanger our society but may evolve the way we think and speak.

        Speaking about technology, most teens can not put their cellular devices down not even for an hour, unless they have fallen asleep. Teens now have adapted a new knowledge of acronyms, forms of language and very disrespectful remarks. Teens find it to be funny to make fun of other kids, this is also known as bullying. To some teens it does matter how you dress, where you got your clothes from, and how you got it. They do not realize how others may feel, yet they suggest that they are doing nothing wrong and not judging others but they are. These teens wear the weirdest of "fashionable" clothing. Either something really short for the girls or something extravagant for the boys. 

              Society just isn't the way it used to be anymore. It's very disturbing that this generation will be the ones to influence the upcoming ones. 

                                                                                                                          ~Cynthia Duran

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