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Striking Features of the Newest Bigg Boss house
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Image result for bigg boss 11

Reality shows have an addictive capability among audiences. Indian television has realised this and thus shows such as Bigg Boss have managed to create telly news on prime time. Networks are more than willing to give air time to shows such as Bigg Boss not just because of the massive fan demand but because this fan demands gets translated into high TRPs.

Bigg Boss 11, is the eleventh addition of a reality tv show wherein celebrities are confined in a house covered with cameras. These cameras monitor every move and the “Bigg Boss” who remain ominous gives them commands they need to follow. The show has been hosted by various internationally renowned Bollywood celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Salman Khan however, has been hosting the last few seasons. Apart from the fights, drama, action and romance that you see on-screen, another factor that stuns the people is the set. Referring to the confined house that the contestants have to live in, these spaces are intricately designed providing a space for every activity.

Thus, for this season we expect no less. With the first few episodes already on air, we have had our first glimpses of the house. Here are some things that strike out:

The garden area – This is the first thing that the contestants see when they enter. A lush green lawn, decorated with wooden benches, a mini pool and a gym and a seating area that is laden with colourful cushions and coffee tables.

The Living Room – The theme of the house seems to be colours as the living room is splattered with multi-coloured walls. One striking wall is the vibrant button wall that adds a funky look to the room. There are some cartoonist elements with faux, sculptures of swans as well.

Washroom – Usually the place where most of the gossip and drama comes out, this area is beaming with shades of green. With multiple flowers and plants laid all over the washroom. Apart from the men’s and women’s washroom, there is a pristine Jacuzzi that can be used by all. 

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