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NVR vs DVR, Top Tips to Choose Right One of Your Choice
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We are very advanced in technology and that is the reason we have numerous options when we get to choose any technology device. Similarly, our security device also has evolved over time and now we have a number of high-tech security devices to select from. However, the easy availability of security devices creates confusion to the user and they stuck between devices, whether they should buy NVR or DVR security system.  So, we have reviewed some of the most sought after security devices which will be helpful for you to select the right one.

Benefits of NVR and DVR Security Cameras: First off, NVR and DVR devices are available in various size. They come in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel system. That simply means if you buy 8 channel system, you can connect 8 cameras on one device. Similarly, having 16 or 32 channels means you can connect 16 or 32 cameras on one device respectively. The most important thing you need to understand here is the exact number of cameras you need to protect your home. For example, if you want outdoor surveillance camera system for your business, then you can choose from 16 or 32 channels systems and connect all camera one device.

Another benefit of NVR and DVR Security System: There can be numerous benefits of installing NVR camera system at home or business.

Ease of use and operation: Most of the security system in the market are available cheap price but they come with complex function. You cannot easily install it by yourself; you need mechanic help to make camera function. While the DVR and NVR camera system provided by Reolink will handy. That means you can easily install it at any of your desired location and connect them to the DVR system.

Things to consider while choosing DVR or NVR

There are some of the most important things which you need to consider is wiring as it will decide what you need –whether it is DVR or NVR. If you have already got the wiring done at you home and if it is a coax cable, then you need to consider DVR system as it supports coax cable. However, for wireless outdoor security cameras IP security system will be perfect choice.

Various Option to Choose Surveillance Recorder

As we have already mentioned that there are various options to the choose surveillance recorder in the market. However, we have put our effort to bring out some of our split tested experience with select devices which will perfect of your choice.

HD-SDI: HD-SDI camera has become very popular over the years for its user-friendly features and usability. It function like the old traditional cameras and allows you to transmit videos over the coax cable. It needs 12vDC or 24vAC, depending on the type of camera you use. There are various models of the camera to choose from. For example, you can decide whether you need bullets, domes, full size or PTZ. This technology could great choice if you have already been using analog cameras.

HD-CVI: HD-CVI is similar to the HD-SDI in terms of use. You can connect it through the coax cable. However, it can cover a range of 1500 feet with the same coax cable. At the same time, the camera can be adjusted from recorder itself and you do not need to adjust it manually by going near the camera. The camera provides the highest resolution and comes error free.

IP Cameras: Want to keep a watch on something remotely? Then you should go with IP camera as it allows video transmission through wiring. At the same time, you will get a bunch of features and provide intact security.

In short, all the described surveillance system are very helpful for you high resolution so that you can get reliable security.

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