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Choosing the Best Chiller for your Needs
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Chillers are indispensable in various industries that require a heavy-duty appliance to cool an environment or equipment. They are utilized to prevent machinery from overheating. or to keep the temperature cool for food production and storage, as well as people. To find the appropriate model for your needs, consider the following various types, and the different components involved.

Air-cooled or Water-cooled?

Air-cooled industrial cooling systems chillers are perfect for maintaining the temperature of products, especially in the plastics and food processing industry. Although they are more expensive, they do not rely on additional equipment to function, or access to a water source, which is advantageous in dry areas. The total expenses for their operating cost are also cheaper in the long run, and they are easy to maintain.

On the other hand, water-cooled chillers are more affordable, compact, efficient in cooling, can be used indoors, and last longer than the alternative. However, you will need a large source of water and rely on other components to function, such as cooling tower, condenser, water pumps, the chillers, and TES reservoir. Likewise, they use tons of water, which is a drawback in areas with a limited source, and the total operating expenses will be higher than the air-cooled models.

Tube and Shell or Brazed Plate?

If you choose to utilize a water-cooled chiller, you need to consider the type of evaporator in a product. Models using brazed plate evaporators are highly-efficient, compact, and portable, perfect for small spaces and cost less than the alternative. They are made from non-ferrous material that prevents rusting, making them less prone to freeze damage. The small tubes are more efficient in heat transfer and elimination, too.

However, small tubes are prone to fouling, plugging, pressure drop, and it will be hard to find services for leak repair and cleaning. Although typically made from stainless steel, the brazing is sometimes copper-based and prone to corrosion. So, always check the material in the industrial chillers systems you want to purchase.

Products constructed using tube and shell evaporators, that are usually made from carbon steel or stainless steel, are less susceptible to highly corrosive applications and liquid, such as sea water. The larger tubes are less prone to pressure drop, scaling, fouling, and plugging. Likewise, you can easily locate and plug leaks on the passages, as well as find services for leak repair, and cleaning.

On the other hand, they are more expensive, heavier, larger, and rugged due to thicker passage walls, and need a large space to set-up. Their large passages are also less efficient in heat transfer and elimination.

If you are deciding on which of the industrial cooling systems chillers are perfect for your purpose, you should consider which will best suit your desired initial purchasing costs, water source, maintenance goals, and the total operating costs involved that particular model is utilized.

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