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Automatic Monitoring & Documentation of Temperatures in Food Cold Chain with Testo Wi-Fi Data Logger
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If it is about food, then it goes without saying that only hygienically immaculate goods are expected by the consumers. Undoubtedly, being the basic necessity of life good quality food stuffs is the highest priority for all consumers, food suppliers and manufactures. Be it vegetables, meat and sausages, poultry or dairy products- no one in the entire cold chain simply can afford bad quality because the customers would not accept damaged products.

Impediments to Safe & quality food throughout the supply chain

Right from farm to fork, there are many hindrances in supplying good quality food products - in Storage, transportation and other stages of supply chain. Firstly, the appearance of food items should be fresh and appetizing and not just that but the food also needs to be hygienically immaculate - More so with the perishable goods. For example, when the cold chain is interrupted and the foods are exposed to excessively high temperatures over a longer period. And secondly, because guidelines such as the HACCP concept must be strictly adhered to in order to eliminate risk factors.

This means that foods must be stored continuously at defined temperature limit values, typically at least -18 °C for deep-frozen goods and +4 °C to +8 °C in the refrigerated range. If refrigeration temperatures are not adhered to, leading to the sale of spoilt foods, there is a threat of considerable economic damage. All this often results due to failure or poor monitoring systems.

Conventional measurement data monitoring systems do automate monitoring. However, for this area of application they are often too complex, need time consuming installation, above all one person is always responsible for collecting the data and documenting them, by hand or electronically. Another setback surfaces due to the lack of warning and intimation features.

A Step ahead of Conventions

Considering the preferences of consumers, the indispensable norms that are to be followed and the quality level that has to be maintained, testo provides a superior alternative that can be easily induced in entire food monitoring system and supply chain, called as testo Saveris 2 - WiFi data loggers.

The Wi-Fi data logger system is the simple, flexible and reliable solution to humidity and temperature monitoring in food application for all workflow processes. The Wi-Fi data loggers measure temperature and humidity values via internal or external sensors and transmit the measurement data by wireless LAN to a server. With a secure online storage of all readings in Testo Cloud the data can be managed and analyzed online by the user via smartphone absolutely anywhere and anytime. The great advantage of testo Saveris 2 is its simplicity. This innovative monitoring system not only ensures easy installation & governing but eventually saves your time by almost eliminating manual readout and documentation procedures, simplifying the assurance of high product quality. In case of crises and deviations, it is even integrated with an alarm facility by e-mail, or optionally by SMS.

Testo Saveris 2
Testo Saveris 2

Wi-Fi Data Loggers – Perfect solution for Food Industry

With the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, you monitor and document the temperatures at all refrigerated sites automatically and more securely than ever before. You increase your operative efficiency, ensure quality, and prevent potential damage to the product and to your reputation - while adhering to laws, standards and regulations. It enables you to maintain constant, uniform and necessary conditions for your food products & gives necessary reminders and warnings as well.

To know more, or to see a live demo, write back to us on: info@testoindia.com Or Log on to our website www.testo.com/en-IN

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