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An Instant Guide on How to Block Unwanted Mail Sender in Yahoo mail
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Are you tired of receiving emails from unwanted senders? It is always a bit annoying when you find emails that have no significance, choking your Yahoo mail inbox. Rather than getting distracted, it makes a lot of sense to block the emails and the sender, which is almost as a permanent solution.

However, blocking the mails does not in any manner guarantee that the problem is solved, once and for all. But then, you will get some respite and that sure makes a huge difference. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives and there are several benefits to it.

Is it possible to block the sender?

With Yahoo, you have the option to block up to 500 such email addresses. Once you have initiated the process of blocking, any such emails that pour in will be immediately deleted. But the process of blocking does not really work in the case of spam emails.

Well, if you wish to know more, then you must contact the Yahoo mail customer service team.

The actual procedure

In order to block emails from unwanted senders, you must do the following :

  • Log into your Yahoo mail account.

  • Now, place the cursor of the mouse on the settings icon and click on it.

  • Click on Settings and proceed towards the Blocked Address category.

  • In the next step, enter the address you want to block under Add an address category.

  • Click Block.

  • Follow the instructions and click Save.

Once you are done with the tasks, it will then prevent the unwanted email senders from sending any emails. Do keep in mind that this facility is available only with the desktop version of Yahoo mail. In the event, where you are not in a position to follow the procedure, then you can make use of the Yahoo customer service number.

Why contact the Yahoo customer service team?

When you are using Yahoo, the problems you encounter are not just limited to unwanted emails. There are other equally annoying issues such as forgotten password, a hacked or compromised Yahoo account and many more.

Some of the issues are difficult to resolve. In a bid to troubleshoot the problems, you must consult with the professionals. To do so, you must contact the Yahoo customer service team. This way, you have a more agile chance of recovering and that too, without facing too many obstacles. A bit of help can do a lot of wonders and when the occasion demands, you must avail the services.












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  .   lindaallen024
Great Post! It is very informative and useful to enhance my knowledge. Please keep posting these kind of valuable posts so that I can be updated.
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