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What you must do to Reset Yahoo Mail Password without Phone Number?
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What is the best possible way to recover Yahoo password? Needless to say, you are confused as well. Without the password, you are practically locked out from the account. So, it becomes absolutely necessary to have a look at the various options, which in turn will help in resetting the password to the Yahoo mail account.

Resetting the Yahoo Mail Procedure

In order to reset the password and reclaim the access back to the account, you can best make use of the Yahoo sign-in helper. To keep your account safe, the recovery options offered by Yahoo are very limited. Within the given parameters, you are supposed to find a possible solution to the problem at hand.

If you have linked the account with a recovery email address and a phone number, the same can be used then to reset the password. What Yahoo usually does is texts or emails the Account Key. You are supposed to enter the Account Key and verify the same. Once the task is done, you can then conveniently reset the password.

How about resetting the password without a phone number?

Resetting the Yahoo password is not necessarily going to be easy if you are not having access to the phone number, linked to the account. This can be a problem, but it can be sorted out as well. One possible solution is to answer the security questions.

The process involved herein are as follows:

If you are not able to recall the password, then select the option I have a problem with my password.

  • Now, you are required to enter the Yahoo ID and then click Next.

  • You are then asked to enter the CAPTCHA code.

  • You will be offered the recovery options. Select the option Use my secret questions and click Next.

  • Make sure to answer the questions correctly, which will then help you to retrieve the password.

  • Once you are done, enter a new password, which you can then use it to regain the access to your Yahoo mail account.

The password recovery procedure is somewhat exhaustive. Naturally, you are inclined to encounter a few problem areas, then and now. That should never deter you from completing the recovery process. In a situation, where you are having slight difficulty in handling the process, you can consider getting in touch with one of the online experts. For the same reason, it makes a lot of sense to use the Yahoo customer support number, which will then help you to reset the password with remarkable ease.



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thanked by the blogger    .   James Wattenberge
Above information is very informative and helpful. If you feel your yahoo account is not properly working then you follow above steps and remove your yahoo problems.
  .   photoshoponline88
Nice post. I appreciate the tips. My training routine is remarkably similar to yours, although I expect I'm slogging along much more slowly than you
  .   lindaallen024
Thanks for sharing this valuable post, you explained the procedure in simple steps, keep posting this kind of post further so that I can be updated myself with the latest information.
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