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Facebook Abandons An Attempt to Curb Fake News. Here's why?
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With an aim to curb fake news, Facebook started a mission and keep making attempts one at a time to clean the FB wall from the unwanted posts or news that create misunderstandings amongst the users; who reads the same spontaneously and take several actions that were actually not required. As things have not improved a bit, Facebook has abandoned these attempts.

This was actually done with the help of red flag icons, which was a feature in Facebook to mark the same, next to articles or posts that are completely irrelevant or annoying or even labeled as fake by a professional team of independent fact-checking organizations.

Users; who created the posts were frustrated about these things, tried contacting the support team through Facebook customer service number, but were not able to find the exact source. But still, they managed to send the requests through help centers.

But after some days as per Facebook research, this strategy was abandoned as lack of efforts was one of the reasons behind this. The Facebook team revealed four reasons, why disputed flag strategy didn't work and was not considered ideal.

  • Critical information needs numerous clicks as target doesn’t seem possible to achieve

  • This strategy may backfire as sometimes strong language used in content or visuals can reinforce ideas of users

  • It’s quite time-consuming and slow process as numerous counterfeit articles and videos are published on Facebook on a daily basis and at least many fact checkers are needed to mark the bogus or fake news.

  • This can only work on fake news and partly false or unproven news was not marked

This story came in between the process of scrutiny with parties have no idea what Facebook was attempting to do. The team of fact checkers working with FB criticized the process and acquitted Facebook as no information was being revealed to them for not sharing enough information and most shocking was that their efforts were not being appreciated.

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