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5 Absolute Tips to Prevent Facebook from Draining Your Phone’s Battery
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Is your smartphone’s battery draining too much, while accessing Facebook? like you, most of the users are facing the same problem. Both Facebook and Facebook Messenger consume a great deal of battery and this is something that really needs to be sorted out.

However, the issue is not really that grave, wherein you might have to consult an expert with the help of a third-party Facebook phone number.

By now, you must be wondering how to stop this menace. Well, there are ways to do it.

Herein are 5 absolute tips that might help you prevent Facebook from draining your battery life.

1. Disable Location and Background App Refresh - The Facebook app is known to constantly run in the background. At the same time, the pp refreshes by pulling up new data to update the news feed on a real time basis. So, by disabling the location and background app refresh in the app, you will be able to save a great deal of battery.


2. Uninstall Facebook and Messenger App – On uninstalling the Facebook and Messenger app, you have a definite chance of improving the battery life. Instead, you can use your browser to access the Facebook account.


In case, you are not able to open the Facebook account, due to some login errors, the 24x7 toll-free phone number for Facebook can be of some assistance.


3. Prefer a Light Browser - Browsers such as Opera Mini uses least possible resources, which means less stress on the battery. Hence, your battery power remains at its optimum level.


4. Restrict Facebook from Downloading Additional Data - To save precious battery life, you can change the settings in the Facebook app, which will restrict it from downloading additional data in the background.


5. Turn off AutoPlay Option for Videos and Notifications – When you turn off the autoplay options for videos and mobile notifications in the Facebook app settings. This often helps to save a great deal of your battery life.


These are some tips that are clearly designed to help you prevent drainage of battery power.

Anything Else!

Facebook app does come in handy. But it does eat into the battery life and this is quite frustrating. Unless, you make it a point to take adequate steps, preventing the draining of battery is almost inconceivable.


As for technical flaws and issue, you can secure the services of independent experts using the 24x7 Facebook customer service phone number. When things do get a bit awry, the helpline number will surely help you to find a way out, in quick time and that too, as per your convenience.


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thanked by the blogger    .   william smith
it's really very nice information, thanks for sharing
  .   linksmega
You can switch to other manual system where all apps would directly close by itself, you would definitely find it more convenient and your battery will work more. While looking to online work i am searching now assignmentman essay writing services websites to compare prices, actually i am very used to it to help others through my blog so i need a huge list of such services.
  .   Mick Watson
Thanks @William Smith. I will try to do more better.
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