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Mobility - The future of Employee Engagement
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In recent reports listed by various consultancy agencies around the globe, it shows that organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about their employee’s level of engagement with the company and customers. It shows that more than 44% of global employees, tend to leave their organization within the first five years of their employment. The lack of employee engagement can be attributed to multiple reasons which include inadequate work environment, lack of facilities to carry out services, lack of motivation and most importantly the limitations in mobility.

How can mobile Solutions help employee engagement?

Most internet usage today goes through the usage of apps rather than web browsers. There are a number of users that at some point would be distracted, loaded with tasks or just generally not easily accessible. It is very important in this situation to create a means of easy access for these users in order to provide an easy in and out per say. The best and easily usable apps make employees feel much more productive, as services can be firstly carried out from any mobile location and secondly with the application of various facilities through mobile apps, employees can easily carry out and provide a range of services that would normally exhaust time.

Mobile Devices are a very important application to any industry today and it is almost certain that every employee in the world has access to a mobile device almost 99% percent of the day. The more an employee can do from their mobile device, the more productive an employee will be. If you require assistance with building employee engagement solution with design thinking, let us know!

Emp Engagement Solution Infographic

*Image courtesy: www.mcnak.com

Looking five years into the future! What would employees want?

Workers will expect an extensively connected world. There is obvious evidence of mobilization of common everyday tasks in the industry which many companies are realizing and adopting. Companies adopting mobilization for their customers and employees understand that these taken steps are required for companies to stay current. There’s also the Internet of things (IOT) that is changing a multitude of job functions which include device integration, field services monitoring and so on.

People have been talking about the fabled “Mobile First’ for years. Now expect this concept to be a reality in the next five years. With the introduction of new work from home or mobile positions more employees can complete extensive duties from the sanctity of their immediate location.

Don’t take a traditional IT/HRIT approach when building mobile apps for employee experience. Instead of starting out with an exhaustive list of requirements and a fixed deadline, start with a set of key personas from selected users.

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